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Selling Safety on Social

Marketing your safety protocols and delivering


Welcome to the twilight zone! So far, 2020 has created many challenges for all of us—both personally and professionally. We’re learning how to adjust, readjust, and survive in our new world. The economy may be slowly reopening, but with so many cases of COVID-19 still being reported, consumer confidence remains low. Many people are too scared to eat inside a restaurant or go to the gym, even with social distancing intact, and they may be more reluctant to get a facial because close contact with you (the service provider) is required.

Everyone wants to get back to work. So, the question becomes, how can we “sell safety” and make customers feel warm and fuzzy enough to book an appointment?

Treatments that get results will always be essential; so will great products, excellent customer service, and perceived value. But without safety and customer confidence, none of these things are possible.

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Now is the perfect time to transform your marketing efforts, starting with social media, so that moving forward, everything you say and do sells safety! Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are ideal for this because they are both immediate and visual. Posting pictures of yourself and your clients wearing masks, clear shields, and gloves, along with brief explanations of what you’re doing to go above and beyond suggested safety protocols, speaks volumes to concerned customers.

You should also regularly add “Did You Know…” posts with tidbits such as “…we sanitize all shared surfaces every 30 minutes?” or, “…all of our chairs are a minimum of six feet apart?” or, “…we take temps daily,” etc. And it’s a good idea to post information such as, “If you’re feeling under the weather, even if it’s just allergies, kindly wait two weeks to schedule with us.” Use social media to advertise your newly relaxed cancellation policy, letting customers know they won’t be billed for canceling when they aren’t feeling well.

You may think that continually reminding customers of your safety protocols is redundant, but I assure you it isn’t. Customers want to be reminded and reassured. I won’t go into any business where 100% of staff and customers aren’t wearing masks and social distancing. I only fly on airlines that guarantee an empty seat on either side of me. I regularly seek out businesses that strictly follow CDC guidelines, and I’m betting others do, too. Many people won’t say anything to a business owner or employee if their personal safety comfort level isn’t being met; they simply won’t return to that business. Don’t let your customers wonder about your protocols and, as a result, hesitate to make or keep an appointment.


All of the protocols you share with customers when booking an appointment, including things like “text from your car and we’ll let you know when to come inside,” “remember to wear a mask,” or “we offer hand sanitizer in every room and ask that you use it throughout your visit,” can be incorporated into your social media posts, along with pictures of you and/or your staff having fun while staying safe.


If your current marketing slogan is something like, “Sally’s Spa—The Best Facials in Town,” you might consider rebranding, at least temporarily, to something more along the lines of “The Safest Facials in Town.” This is a catchy way to get the word out, using minimal words for maximum impact.


Without a doubt, 2020 has had a lion’s share of bumps and curves, and we’re only three-quarters of the way to the finish line. Whether we like it or not, coronavirus has dramatically affected our daily lives, and out of necessity, the aesthetics industry is shifting with the changes. Think of it this way: when you take extensive measures to ensure you and your clients’ safety, it’s not only smart, it’s smart business. But you have to let them know what you’re doing ahead of time. Social media is perfect for this and doesn’t cost you a dime.

Treatments that get results will always be essential; so will great products, excellent customer service, and perceived value. But without safety and customer confidence, none of these things is possible. Sell safety, and deliver results.