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Acne Face Mapping
Face mapping is common practice under many skin care philosophies. Chinese medicine and contemporary medicine both use forms of face mapping to make sense of physical symptoms on the face, such as acne, and how they relate to what exactly is going on inside the body.
Shape Shifter
Just like skin care, makeup is not “one size fits all.” Have you noticed that certain makeup shades bring out facial features while other shades conceal facial features? Your client’s face structure plays a very important role in determining how to apply makeup, in particular which facial features to highlight to make them look their very best.
Behind The Spa Door with Tilza Rizzo
I’ve been doing brows for over 22 years. I started as a makeup artist and while working on clients, I would start fixing up their brows. It all grew from there!
Wellness Wave
The global wellness industry has reached an all-time high of 3.7 trillion dollars, according to the Global Wellness Summit’s 2018 Global Wellness Trends Report. As people around the globe begin to embrace wellness and take their health into their own hands, new trends continue to arise every year.
Alternative Therapies
As the spa industry continues to trend and unravel into creating a wellness enriched lifestyle, estheticians and spa professional must continue to mind licensure and how we can practice wellness while maintaining the standards for our statutes according to each of our states’ requirements as a provider of specific therapies - esthetics.
Scope of Practice
At the rate our industry is growing, it seems that technology is evolving faster than individual state legislation can keep up with. This often leaves an uncomfortable grey area for estheticians and med spas trying to gage whether or not they can legally perform the latest skin care services.
Building Client Relationships
For spa owners, creating a successful practice is the ultimate goal. To accomplish this success, there are many components to consider and optimize, including effective marketing, maintaining client relationships and your clients’ perceptions of value in the services you offer. While each of these elements is unique, all three must be dependent on each other in order for a business to flourish.
Upgrades and Add-Ons
Every business owner is concerned with improving his or her numbers. In a spa setting, there are a finite number of ways to increase revenue: either through services, or retails. Within these two main categories, focusing on re-booking clients to increase the booking rate, selling more retail products, and advertising/promotions are all valid ideas to increase revenue and therefore profits. But what about a way to maximize the time spent and money earned with currently scheduled clients? Is there a method to maximize client results and increase the hourly income at the same time? Enter the world of upgrades and add-ons.
Jessica’s Skin & Body Apothecary
In the ever-urbanizing downtown district of Ann Arbor, Michigan sits a quaint brick building on an unassuming corner. Jessica’s Skin & Body Apothecary is a hidden gem on the crossroads of Ann Arbor’s bustling college campus and deep townie roots. Owner Jessica Goniea founded the apothecary in 2012, and now supports a growing staff and continuously evolving line of aromatherapy body products.
The Basics Of Work Energy
In Chinese Medicine, the balance in between Yin and organs is considered an active constant balance of the system. By pressing different pressure points, we can activate different organs and their re-activation in their function. Yin usually represents everything about the world that is dark, passive, hidden, receptive, cool, soft and feminine. Yang represents everything about the world that is illuminated, evident, active, aggressive, controlling, hot, hard, and masculine.
Anti Aging Below The Neck
Today, making an effort to take care of our bodies has become a growing concern. Clients often spends thousands of dollars in their lifetime to ensure their facial skin looks as young as possible well into their 50s and 60s.
As one of the few “gold standards” in skin care, retinol has been a staple in every esthetician’s arsenal for decades. And, it’s no doubt that it will continue to be a first-rate treatment for decades to come. Whether aiming to treat hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne scars, or large pores, retinol is a skin care powerhouse. But, as with most ingredients in today’s age of technology, more naturally derived compounds with similar benefits are taking the stage. The green revolution is finally matching up to the power of synthetic active ingredients. Such is the case with retinol’s new, natural counterpart: Bakuchiol. Making waves in the topical skin care world, find out why bakuchiol is the new natural alternative to retinol.
The Spa At The Four Seasons
The recently erected residences at The Four Seasons Surfside on Miami Beach’s iconic Collins Ave are bringing a new era of glamour to the hotel’s long-standing history. Guests and residents benefit from the property’s very own world-class spa. With a clean, modern esthetic and expertly curated niche skin care brands, the exquisite spa at The Four Seasons Surfside offers exclusive treatments you can’t find anywhere else. We had the pleasure of visiting Spa Director Laura Martinez as she settles into her new home at The Four Season Surfside.
New Year’s Resolutions for Spa Managers
The Spa Director role brings a unique dynamic that I'm positive no other leadership role presents. 2019, Welcome to another year of unlimited relaxation, aromatherapy, perfect skin & hair, spa treatments, luxury, and all smiles! Isn't this what everyone think our job is?
The Boot Camp Facial
Everyone starts off as youngsters with that skin we all know and love: baby skin. It’s skin that is full of collagen and elasticity that we innocently take for granted well into our 20's.
Adaptogens in Skin Care
The term anti-aging is dead. Adaptogen is poised to become the drop-in replacement for ‘anti-aging’ in skin care nomenclature. After all, what was anti-aging about, anyway? The concept suggests a battle with time that is not win-able. Everyone ages - every single day - by definition.