From The Editor

January 2022

Happy New Year! I am so excited and grateful to begin another year at LNE & Spa. Last year was a year of recovery for most spa businesses, and also a year of discovery and action for many solo estheticians. With the right footing, I am confident that this year will bring even more success.


This is the time to put all of what you’ve learned to the test and take inspired actions towards achieving your business goals. What new goals, practices, and aspirations do you have for your business? Keep in mind the big picture and make a list of smaller goals that will help you get there.


This month we are introducing our Perfect Partnerships as a part of Esthetician Edit, and showcasing all of the incredible partnerships fostered at our ICES tradeshows. Even as solo estheticians, finding the right support that offers the best education and incentives for products and technology is very important to ensure your success.


Creating a network around you of supportive, motivating, and knowledgeable professionals in the industry will consistently show you new ways to harness your own talents and skills. What can you learn and take away from other successful industry professionals?

Take what you will from every encounter, opportunity, and even slip up to learn from the experience and grow. This is essential in an ever-evolving industry that thrives off of innovation and collaboration. Stay social and stay in the know.

I hope that you will use the LNE & Spa Community and ICES trade shows as a resource this year!


Best wishes,


Managing Editor