From The Editor

February 2019

This month’s issue of LNE & Spa is fully centered on an esthetician’s scope of practice and what it means for the way we practice skin care today. When I first conceptualized this guide, I envisioned more of a list of “can’s” and “cannot’s.” However, I quickly remembered that an esthetician’s scope of practice is not the same around the country. The sometimes extreme variations in what an esthetician can legally do in each state makes it difficult to have a meaningful discussion about our scope of practice. To add value to this conversation, I curated a series of thought-provoking articles that will keep you on your toes and remind you how to stay aware of your scope of practice, whether you are a holistic practitioner, a medical esthetician, or a newly licensed esty.

Remember to be vigilant in your understanding of your individual state’s regulations and always stay on the lookout for updated legislation regarding new treatments. It is our responsibility to keep our clients and our businesses safe, and staying within the scope of our license is our professional duty.

Enjoy all the features in this month’s issue, and start a conversation about what scope of practice means to you with your #estybesty this month!

All the best,

Cristina Beecham

Managing Editor
Licensed Esthetician