From The Editor

August 2019

Mother Earth has gifted us with so many amazing ingredients to heal and treat the skin and body. And while active and synthetic ingredients do have their place in our treatment rooms for especially hard-to-treat conditions, natural and plant-based ingredients deserve to be recognized for both their beauty and efficacy.


This month’s Clay & Mud Guide highlights several Earth ingredients that aid in detoxifying, toning and healing the skin. Oftentimes, the most powerful and effective treatments come from combining natural and synthetic ingredients for a holistic approach that packs a punch. If you are an esty who prefers cosmeceutical products, stay tuned for next month’s Cosmeceuticals Guide!

I hope you have all had an amazing summer! I’m so excited to see your smiling faces at The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa next month in Long Beach on September 8th and 9th! Hearing how LNE & Spa has impacted your practice is always the highlight of my day!


All the best,


Cristina Beecham


Managing Editor
Licensed Esthetician