From The Editor

September 2021

CBD is everywhere and becoming increasingly popular in the world of skincare. But the rise of hemp and CBD-infused products is much more than a trend with the CBD cosmetics market expected to hit $1.7 billion by 2025.


There are many known benefits to CBD and its effect on relieving anxiety, alleviating inflammation and pain, and aiding in sleep and rare forms of child epilepsy. But what does it have anything to do with skincare? Is CBD in skincare really effective?

This month’s guide is all about where skin and wellness meet and the healing properties of CBD. You’ll learn how to shop for reputable products on the market, and ways cannabidiol can be used in the spa, including in med spas to reduce bruising caused by Botox.


Not only will you learn how CBD can calm inflammation in the skin, but other ways, too. Our article on Calming Inflammation explains the causes of inflammation in the body and soothing ingredients and antioxidants to treat the skin. Plus, so much more on keeping skin in balance, and how to prep the skin for flawless makeup application.

If you attended ICES Long Beach 2021 or missed out, check out our Tradeshow Recap. It was amazing seeing you all there face-to-face! I am counting down the days to Miami where we do it all over again.




Managing Editor