From The Editor

June 2022

Summer is officially here! Meaning clients will be seeking relaxing and rejuvenating body treatments all summer- long, as well as treatments to keep them sculpted and in shape. This will be your chance to offer new body sculpting services to your clients in a package or program that keeps clients coming back for more.


This Month’s Guide is all about Body Sculpting and how to find the best machines for your spa. We are also highlighting the trending service of Wood and Ice Therapy for those clients looking for a more natural alternative to sculpting that activates the lymphatic system and promotes detoxification.


Not only that, but this month’s skin articles teach you how to achieve a healthy and even complexion for your clients so that they can spend less time in makeup and more time showing off their natural glow. You will also learn how to create a signature treatment for your spa that is unique and showcases your brands.

Emerging trends are showing that clients are looking for more organic and clean products that support the environment, while embracing the simplicity of skinimalism. These days, less is more in the world of skincare and makeup. You, too, can join the environmentally friendly movement and save more money with eco-friendly tips in our Organic & Wellness section.

I can’t wait for you to read this month’s issue!


Best wishes,


Managing Editor