From The Editor

August 2020

As more and more clients seek outdoor therapy this summer, they will experience increased sun exposure. Unfortunately, this can be the leading cause of skin discoloration. Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common complaints from clients and can be frustratingly difficult to remove. This month’s guide covers hyperpigmentation in the treatment room, including the types of brown spots you will encounter, prevention, and treatment. Furthermore, how LED therapy and natural alternatives work wonders for the skin.


These past few months, I have had the privilege of attending many spas and skin studios to check in and see how everyone is doing after reopening. I love to see the overwhelming amount of excitement between estheticians and their clients. Things we maybe once took for granted were missed dearly during the shutdown and are now being celebrated more than ever. You all do much more than making the skin look good. You make your clients feel good by providing meaningful services.

I am excited for you all to read our Organic and Wellness section this month on Empathy and the Esthetician and Mood-Boosting Beauty. Our writers share some great tips about embracing the empath within you and the importance of self-care rituals for you and your clients. Tensions are high in the world right now, aside from all of the daily stressors you might be experiencing, which is why taking the time to read and apply what you learn to your lives can make all the difference!


Happy August!


Managing Editor