From The Editor

August 2023

Maybe it’s a holdover from our school days, but August is all about preparing for the busy season ahead. Which is why this month, we are focusing on products that perfect the skin’s tone and texture, providing a flawless canvas for makeup. With so many incredible products available to peel, polish, and prime the skin, there’s no doubt about it – prep is best!

We’ll also explore cutting-edge anti-aging skincare breakthroughs, as well as the latest advancements in brows. For those interested in the connection between ancient healing and esthiology, be sure to check out The Glow of Total Beauty. If you are deciding whether space in a salon suite is the right option for you, we break down the pros and cons.

ICES Long Beach 2023 is almost here! Attendees will get to experience live interactive product demos, connect with fellow beauty pros, level up their professional development, and discover exciting new treatments and protocols. For those of you joining us in Long Beach later this month, we’ll see you soon for two full days of Elevation through Education!


Best wishes,


Kimberly Bobson

Managing Editor