Developing a Natural Product Line

A journey in brand building


As a young woman in the spa business I was intrigued with formulation, product development, and efficacy. My career started in 1984 and I am happy to say I am still in love with this beautiful industry. Here, I will share the process for botanical research, product development, and manufacturing that is essentially my life’s work. I will clarify the logic behind the research and development, and highlight the botanical blends which combat aging, acne and sensitive skin

“Manufacturing locally is important, allowing us to give back to our community while we build something special that will last a lifetime and beyond.”

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Developing Products Using Natural Ingredients

I love creating products that have an adaptogenic benefit. While working from a beachfront lab in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, learning to develop botanical products from both the land and the sea took quite a long time. Our magical location on the island of Newfoundland is a geographic anomaly. It exists below the 49th parallel, on the same latitude as Paris. The landscape endures a harsh, ever-changing North Atlantic climate, where rare adaptogenic plants grow and adapt. Over millions of years, they have flourished on this land, creating some of the most powerful plants known to science.

For the initial research, I partnered with the National Research Council of Canada to create formulas that could be third party tested to ensure the products had a secure shelf life of more than 12 months. We developed 54 product formulas for skincare and body lotions. Thirteen of these formulas were a success, so these became the basis of our brand.

Small Batch Manufacturing

As a salon and spa owner, esthetician, and instructor, I wanted to create a beautiful space that was safe, secure, and always fun to work in. From our pristine white lab to our pink velvet décor  and botanical wallpapered office, the space reflects a love of science and nature. You can create magic in a small space with the right people!

Our small in-house team formulates, produces, packages, and ships all of our own products. We knew that we had to develop our products in-house to maintain control of the business and our intellectual property. Building a lab and production facility early on was of the utmost importance. Manufacturing locally is important, allowing us to give back to our community while we build something special that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Botanical Pantry

We use Bioflavonoids, the plant metabolites responsible for creating the vibrant colors in fruits and vegetables. Bioflavonoids are only available from plants. Three of the most effective bioflavonoids are Rutin, Hesperidin, and Quercetin, and it is these that our research was built upon.

Rutin can maintain the health of your capillaries. It also helps the body utilize vitamin C  and maintain collagen. Hesperidin safely produces a reduction in tyrosinase activity. By interfering with tyrosinase activity, it can effectively inhibit the development of age spots and improve skin tone. Quercetin has proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, extends the survival and viability of human skin cells, and increases collagen production.

Ours is a women-based business and we pride ourselves on producing consistently excellent products. I started this business because I was so sensitive to product ingredients that I could no longer work in spas and salons. That was heartbreaking for me to accept, so I decided to take the long road to learning how to create a business that sustains us here on the island, with products that will withstand the test of time. This January, we celebrate 15 years in business! Anything is possible when you live your life with passion.