Developing a Natural Product Line

A journey in brand building


As a young woman in the spa business I was intrigued with formulation, product development, and efficacy. My career started in 1984 and I am happy to say I am still in love with this beautiful industry. Here, I will share the process for botanical research, product development, and manufacturing that is essentially my life’s work. I will clarify the logic behind the research and development, and highlight the botanical blends which combat aging, acne and sensitive skin

“Manufacturing locally is important, allowing us to give back to our community while we build something special that will last a lifetime and beyond.”


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Lisa Walsh

is an NACC Aesthetician, Red Seal Journeyman Hairstylist, and post-secondary instructor of cosmetology and esthetics for more than 10 years. In 2009 she founded Indigena, now rebranded Island Skincare, to create exceptional, affordable skincare from botanical ingredients native to Newfoundland. She Ioves the world of beauty and wanted to capture nature’s healing elements to create a restorative journey to skin wellness.