Less is More

The benefits of a simplified skincare system


The age of overly complex skincare routines is over. New market data indicates the consumer is shifting from complex multi-product skincare routines to a “less is more” mindset. Following this trend, we are starting to see companies innovate in the sector by introducing their own systems for optimizing skincare rituals.

For example, Veriphy Skincare uses PhytoSpherix technology, a vegan glycogen power ingredient, that provides deep hydration, so you don’t need a ton of different products to get results. Its benefits include energizing skin cells, promoting collagen and hyaluronic acid production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improving skin hydration, and reducing pigment spots.

The solution is a five-product system for clean and healthy skin in a simpler, easier to follow routine. Five separate products play off of each other to maximize the overall effect, making the routine both easy and enjoyable to follow: cleanser, toner, exfoliating serum, moisturizer, and eye cream.

New market data indicates the consumer is shifting from complex multi-product skincare routines to a ‘less is more’ mindset.

1. Simplified Skincare Routine

A skincare system simplifies your daily routine. Gone are the days of juggling countless products, trying to remember the order of application, and spending excessive time in front of the mirror. With a systematic approach, you know exactly what to use and when to use it. This not only saves time but also ensures that each step complements the others, providing a more comprehensive skincare regimen.

2. Avoid counteractive active ingredients

It is important to ensure each product builds upon the previous one, optimizing the efficacy of active ingredients. Streamlining the amount of products also eliminates the risk of irritation and over-sensitivity from more product-intensive regimens. In the end, users get more out of the product while minimizing backfire.

3. Higher Average Order Value (AOV) for Retailers

When consumers purchase a 5-step skincare system, the average order value (AOV) naturally increases. Instead of buying individual products sporadically, customers are more likely to invest in asystem as a whole in order to get everything they need from a single purchase. This bundled approach not only boosts sales, but also fosters brand loyalty, as customers who see positive results are more likely to stick with the system and repurchase it.

4. Trust and Consistency

Having products organized in a solid skincare system allows for consistent results, which in turn creates customer loyalty. If the customer knows they’re getting an easy-to-follow routine that delivers on its promises, the likelihood of repurchase skyrockets. In the end, systems are fertile ground for customer trust.

Everybody Wins

A pared down skincare routine is the perfect case study for how a cultural shift towards a “less is more” mentality has far-reaching positive effects. For customers, it means a routine that is easier to follow, cheaper than most alternatives, and consists of natural cruelty-free ingredients. For the industry, it means retaining customers through trust while investing in fewer products to receive equal or greater returns. Lastly, for society and the planet, it means less waste and harmful chemicals in the environment.