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How to provide virtual skincare consultations to your clients at home!

Virtual skin consultations will become one of the smartest ways’ technology can address the post-COVID-19 professional skincare world. If you’re wondering what a virtual consultation is, it is a remote video conference that takes place between an esthetician and their client via video link.

Much like an in-office consultation, a virtual consultation lets the esthetician speak directly to the client to discuss their current skin concerns and goals. The esthetician works with the client to find customized skincare products and at-home treatment solutions that fit the clients’ unique concerns and lifestyle.


By mastering this approach, both estheticians and clients will experience many benefits, including saving time and money for the client as virtual consultations may cost less than in-office meetings. Furthermore, online consultations will result in increased satisfaction for the client whose preference is detailed feedback for product utilization vs. in-person office visits.

While there are clients who will continue to need hands-on therapy, there are many who need expert product direction as much if not more than a facial. Keep in mind; retail sales are the gift that keeps giving! Used wisely, the application of virtual consultations in beauty, health, and wellness industries is a modernization step that frankly is long overdue.

Virtual consultations will now become available to many out of town clients or busy professionals who are looking to discuss their skin concerns and did not have the time to do so before. The beauty in this is that you can meet with clients anywhere in the world at their convenience.

Estheticians can provide highly accurate and personalized consultations with clients remotely, limiting the number of visitors in the spa while still producing revenue.


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Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall is a Certified Medical Esthetics Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach located in New Westminster, BC Canada. She owns an award-winning integrated medspa Medical Esthetics by Katie Skin Transformation Clinic for over a decade. Katie believes there are six root causes of imbalances that must be addressed to heal skin issues from the inside out. Katie has been an educator, mentor, and coach for over five years to the spa, health, and wellness professionals.