Wood and Ice Therapy

A unique and modern approach to organic body sculpting


When we think of sculpting, we might think of an artist sculpting a statue. There are many tools, techniques, ef- forts and time required for a master- piece to come about. In the world of Body Sculpting, all of the above are also needed. Organic Body Sculpting therapies have been around for centu- ries, but past and present techniques have flourished to help sculpt the body in the past decade.

There are many forms of Body Sculpting. We have both invasive and non-invasive forms. Invasive forms of Body Sculpting uses machines and equipment to remove fat, skin, and tighten/tone desired areas of the body. These invasive treatments re- quire downtime for patients to recuper- ate and heal. The following are some of the most commonly used invasive treatments:

• Radio frequency
• Cryotherapy machines • Lino laser machines
• Plastic Surgery

In the world of body sculpting, you also have a form with an organic approach. Organic Body Sculpting is unique as it uses Earth’s organic materials to achieve the desired beauty. Some of the trendiest organic forms of Body Sculpting are Ice Body Sculpting and WoodSculpt Therapy, to name a few.

In the world of body sculpting, you also have a form with an organic approach. Organic Body Sculpting is unique as it uses Earth’s organic materials to achieve the desired beauty.

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A form of Ice Therapy was thought to be used in Cleopatra’s age. They would use the frigidarium, a cold room, to provide the user with toning effects on the skin and many other benefits. Women still use ice/cold therapy for beauty benefits moving forward to pres- ent times. Many have used ice cubes to help with puffiness and firming of the skin. They also use ice baths for faster recovery times and to promote better health.

Ice therapy found a new home within Organic Body Sculpting in Mexico approximately 40 years ago. It was brought to the American profes- sional beauty Industry 10 years ago, and it has been a sensational form of organic body sculpting. Now it’s one of the trendiest ways to sculpt the body with Ice.

So, what is it? Ice Body Sculpting uses a frozen clay-based product that is applied to the body. The formulated clay Ice is made of organic ingredi- ents from a variety of herbs, clays, and essential oils. This product is applied to the body following a unique and specific manual technique that aids in activating the lymphatic system, kick- starting metabolism, reaffirming the skin, slimming and detoxing.

The key benefit of Ice Body Sculpting is that it allows the body to undergo a natural process called cold- induced thermogenesis. This natural process restores the body’s temper- ature to its normal state by burning calories. Once the Ice is applied on the body, its temperature slowly decreases.

The body reacts to this temperature drop and starts to burn calories natu- rally by creating heat internally. Results can be seen immediately and continue for the next 48 hours after treatment.

This treatment can also be done as a spot treatment, but it is recom- mended as a full-body treatment to get the full effects and benefits. Body Sculpting with Ice can be done 3 days a week. The better the results and the longer they will last, the more treat- ments you get in a short period of time.

Another modality of organic body sculpting comes from Colombia. Colombia is the world’s capital in aes- thetic beauty. This country has it all, whether you’re going under the knife or you want an organic approach. One of the most famous techniques that have been used in Colombia for many de- cades is Wood Therapy. Wood therapy is a technique that uses wooden instruments in a specific application, which are designed to sculpt, lift the booty, plump the skin, reduce cellulite and activate the lymphatic system.

Each individual tool has a specific use and specific way of application. Results for this modality can be seen immediately and also within the next 24 hours. This treatment is gentle enough to receive it three times a week, leaving every other day to let the body flush out any toxins. This modality is not meant to be a painful treatment. Clients should be comfortable during the session and want to return for more. Wood therapy uses warming techniques with slight pressure to establish the necessary dis- tribution of fluids/volume. Therefore, it’s important to be trained by professionals who know how to use these techniques within their scope of practice.

Aesthetic professionals have many forms of Body Sculpting to work with. The organic approach is creating lots of buzz, and it’s a fantastic alternative to going under the knife.