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Winter Waxing

How to Keep Your Clients Waxing this Winter


Winter is right around the corner, bringing about warm flannels, comfy sweats, and oversized everything. Because legs and bare skin are covered most of the season, your clients might sit out a few rounds and just let their body hairs grow free. The extra coverage may keep them warm but, there are many more benefits to keep appointments rolling throughout the winter. Keep your clients looking and feeling good all winter long, using these tips to keep your appointments filled.

1. Add Some Incentive

The best thing that you can do to motivate clients to keep on waxing is give them some incentive. It’s already hard enough to leave a warm home in the cold, having to bundle up and brave the chill. But, if you add some incentive, your clients will have no problem coming to see you, making it part of their winter routine. A few incentives that you could consider are:

  • Rewards card (stamp or punch a card for a free wax after X number)
  • Refer a friend for a free or discounted wax
  • Special days (Mondays = 50% off wax)

All of these ideas are tweakable, allowing you to tailor them to your services and budget. Find one or more that works with you and start offering it to clients for the winter months to encourage them to come in for a visit.

Waxing promotes healthy, smooth, and moisturized skin, maintaining the skin barrier and encouraging the production of natural soothing oils.

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2. Boast About the Benefits

Apart from being silky smooth all year round, there are many more benefits that come along with winter waxing routines. Waxing keeps hairs from growing back fast and produces finer hairs. When hair is left to grow and, your clients stop maintenance, hair tends to go back to its old ways and start to get unruly and thick all over again. Letting your clients in on these and other benefits will make them want to come in and keep a regular waxing schedule. Be sure to mention:

Natural Smoothness

In the winter, skin gets cold, which can lead to drying and flaking. This could lead to itching or create a scaly appearance that can give anyone the winter blues. Waxing promotes healthy, smooth, and moisturized skin, maintaining the skin barrier and encouraging the production of natural soothing oils.


Skin cells are constantly dying, building up and creating a rough feel and look. Waxing not only removes hair but also works to remove the buildup of dead skins cells. This exfoliation is critical in the winter, in which skin needs all of the help it can get to feel alive and healthy.

Bye-Bye Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a nightmare and, if your clients start skipping their waxing appointments, they’ll increase their chances. Giving hair time to grow out could cause breakage with some hairs, leaving it to fester all winter long. These ingrown hairs are not only unsightly but could be painful and even cause infection. Waxing decreases the chances of ingrown hairs, taking hair out of the follicle instead of just off the surface.

3. Make it Comfy

Another thing you can do to keep your appointment books full is to make your space comfy. The biggest hassle about going to appointments in the winter is dealing with really cold weather, which is why you should keep things nice and toasty. Consider investing in an electric blanket so that your clients are warm during their appointment. For added comfort, choose cozy aromas that relax and warm like cinnamon and peppermint, and offer some warm tea or cider before the treatment begins.

4. Create Packages

Packages always get clients excited, giving them all of the treatments they want without having to fret about the cost. To keep your clients coming in, add some packages with waxing included. You could do warming massages, facials, or just a free eyebrow cleanup with every wax.  Trust us, no matter how cold it is, the right package could keep clients lined up and running over to see you throughout the cold season.

Skin Smoothing Tips for Cold Winter Months

As your client’s go-to beauty guru, you should always stay in the know about the best techniques for the skin. This will allow you to inform your clients on how to keep their glow throughout the winter and maintain the silky smoothness they enjoyed under the sun.


Encourage your clients to hop on an exfoliation routine, gently sluffing off dead skin at least two times a week.


When choosing a moisturizer, go for nourishing formulas that offer lusciously smoothing ingredients like jojoba oil, avocado oil, and shea butter.

Adjust Water Temp

Though it’s tempting to run hot water at all times, keeping things too steamy can lead to dry skin. Encourage customers to take the temps down and limit their time in the shower to boost moisture levels in the cold.