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Touchless Wellness

Embracing innovation in healing at the Carillon Wellness Resort in Miami, FL


If you’ve ever been the receiver of a really good facial massage, you know how magical the hands can be to stimulate blood flow and circulation, relax facial muscles, improve the overall appearance of the skin for a healthy glow. The healing power of touch can also be felt through body massage, reflexology, and exfoliation treatments.

There have been studies to conduct how touch lowers levels of depression and reduces insomnia and chronic pain. Can we say the same about technology? When it comes to technology, touchless beauty treatments have been on the rise as a safer, worry-free alternative to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Many of these technologies have proven to be effective, providing instant results for clients looking for younger, brighter, and radiant skin.

But what about going beyond beauty and the physical aspects of the body? Are there technologies that offer the same deep healing benefits as those felt through touch? Can we lower depression, decrease stress, improve sleep, and promote wellness through touchless treatments, too?

There have been studies to conduct how touch lowers levels of depression and reduces insomnia and chronic pain. Can we say the same about technology?

I, along with our Vice President Sabine Kadys, had the incredible opportunity to experience touchless wellness that soothes the body and mind at the Carillon Wellness Resort in Miami, FL. Sabine experienced the Muscle Recovery Circuit while I experienced the Sleep Well Circuit.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience. “My itinerary was built and chosen to respond to my specific needs and concerns. As a very energetic and active person, and a sports enthusiast, who works out a minimum of 4-5 times a week, splitting my training time between running, weight training, and playing tennis and golf, the “circuit” was created to focus on muscle recovery.”

My experience was focused on promoting better sleep. After each experience of my curated Sleep Well circuit, I fell deeper into a state of relaxation that left me feeling lighter, calmer, and more centered. It reminded me of the importance of sleep and taught me how integral sleep is in healing the multibody.

We were blown away by every technology and how each made us feel. Sabine describes her journey as such. “The 25 minutes Pure Wave VEMI (meant to ground the body, eliminate any radiation and reduce stress) experience allowed me to reach deep relaxation. The Halo Infrared Therapy, a sauna-like room with led therapy, was just amazing, and I definitely felt reinvigorated after the 20 minutes treatment. The Somadome was my favorite, as I was able to choose my focus and select my intention, and after 20 minutes of deep meditation, I felt rejuvenated and renewed. The Prism Light Pod (15 minutes), which accelerates the body’s natural healing process, was the perfect way to end this all-encompassing touchless experience.”

My first experience was with Sabine on the PureWave VEMI bed, set in an intimate, dark room that emulated an expansive galaxy of stars. Upon closing our eyes, we were immediately transported into time in space. What was 25 minutes felt like 10 minutes as I was able to reach a deeply meditative state that took me out of my body and into another realm.

VEMI stands for VibroAcoustic, ElectroMagnetic & Infrared. It is an all-in-one therapy that uses healing sound resonance in tandem with full body vibrations, natural earth frequencies, and Infrared for a full rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit.

As Sabine continued her unique journey, I found myself in a warmly lit room preparing for float therapy.  The sensory deprivation tank looked like a giant, man-made egg filled with soothing, sleep-inducing liquid, dim colorful lights, and quiet surrounding you.

Before I stepped into my therapeutic soak, I was asked to shower to clean off any dirt and debris on my body. I was then given earplugs to prevent water from entering my ears as I would fully submerge myself into the tank. A pillow-like float for my head was provided for me to lie back on.

When the tank lid closed, all external stimulation was cut off, and I was left alone, floating effortlessly in lukewarm water filled with pure Epsom salt, and the water meant to match my body temperature. While lights off are encouraged, you do have the option to keep them on. However, I recommend turning them off for the full experience. The silence and darkness induce a state of deep relaxation that allows your body to enter a place of rest and repair.

Next on my circuit was the Spa Wave, a sleep therapy table that reduces stress, balances mood, and improves concentration and creativity. At this point in my circuit, I could call myself a professional power napper. The plush waterbed allows you to achieve maximum comfort, light vibration massage acts specifically on the energy centers (chakras) of the body, and the gentle acoustic waves with binaural sounds put me right back to sleep.

Sleeping is not only a vital part of the foundation for good health, but it is necessary for healing. When you are sleeping your brain enters different wave states. There are alpha waves, which are known as the state during easy meditation, theta waves found in the sleep and dream phase as well as deep meditation, and delta waves found during deep sleep.

In the delta phase, our self-healing efforts become active. The body creates more white blood cells to attack viruses and bacteria and the brain releases hormones that encourage tissue growth to repair blood vessels. Sleep also helps with a positive attitude, gives the body a break, and provides an energy boost.

Like Sabine, the Somadome was by far my favorite experience because of its spaceship-like look and unique selection of guided meditations. The white meditation pod combines color, sound, and energies therapies while guiding the user through twenty different intention-based sessions to choose from. I chose the manifestation meditation, and the positive affirmations and visualizations were the perfect way to end my Sleep Well Experience.

Overall, the experience was just as relaxing, if not more, than traditional spa services. It opened my eyes to healing beyond touch, but the healing that could be activated within us through our own bodies.

Sabine says, “Although one could think the absence of human touch would deter from a positive spa experience, as I was welcomed and accompanied and guided throughout the experience by very professional and dedicated staff, who truly did everything for me to feel a ease and relaxed the overall “Wellness Touchless Services” were unbelievably amazing.”

Every treatment was explained impeccably and the kindness of the staff was felt as I was greeted after each service.

“In short, I would encourage anyone (local like me, or national and international traveler) who needs a little R&R to experience the Carillon Spa & Beach Club, and more specifically their “Wellness Touchless Services” as this will be an experience to remember!,” says Sabine, and I couldn’t agree more!