Time is Money

Exploring Combination Treatments


We are a long way from a one-and-done treatment. Even though it would be nice to reap all the benefits of today’s top skin and body treatments in one go, the majority of the time, that’s not the case. Instead, a combination of treatments is best – but how do you help clients choose?

From facials and lasers to microneeding and HiFU, the list of possible treatments is long. Instead of wasting time (and money) here’s how to fuse treatments to get the best results – and save a few bucks, too.

Lasers come in all shapes and sizes, some working on deeper levels and others working on the surface of the skin.

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Why Combine?

There are so many products and treatments out there aimed at making us look and feel our best. Most of us have multiple concerns, which typically cannot be addressed by just one treatment. Instead, it requires a mix of treatments – which can actually extend results. Apart from lasting longer, combo treatments can:

• Mean shorter recovery

• Cost less over time

• Enhance results

Narrowing it Down 

It seems like we’re constantly learning about new and improved ways to make skin look its best. There are so many treatments out there that promise to tackle all skin concerns – which is why narrowing it down can be a bit difficult. Before choosing your list of go-to combos, here are some things you should consider.

1. List Your Top Three

All of us have spent time in the mirror thinking about a few tweaks here and there. A lot of the same issues can be addressed by one treatment, so it can be helpful to list them, then categorize. Start by having clients list their top skin and body concerns, using that as a guide to select the perfect combo.

2. Think About Levels

Not all anti-aging treatments are the same. Some of them penetrate the deeper layers of skin, completely resurfacing and revealing newer, smoother textures. Others will only target the top layer, sloughing off dead skin and allowing new skin to grow and breathe. So, before choosing, narrow down the choices by thinking about skin goals and any recommended downtime.

3. Budget

Not everyone has the funds to dive right into combo treatments, having to pick and choose wisely depending on the budget. It’s always a good idea to consider budget and prioritize treatments – making sure you’re not recommending multiple treatments for skin issues that could be addressed by one.

Our Favorite Combination Treatments

Combo Treatments for The Face

The Minimalist – Injectables + Lasers

Lasers come in all shapes and sizes, some working on deeper levels and others working on the surface of the skin. From skin texture to redness and even deeper wrinkles, lasers can tackle a wide range of skin issues, promoting new skin growth. Combining their powers with injectables like Botox and filler can keep skin looking healthy, hydrated, and plump – with results that last months with minimal touch ups.

The Trifecta – The Minimalist + Microneedling

Keeping the same benefits on the menu from injectables and lasers, adding a microneedling treatment can work wonders for the skin. While lasers can promote new skin growth and injectables can help to smooth out wrinkles, microneedling promotes the growth of collagen over time, which works from the inside out.

The Ultimate Combo – The Trifecta + Chemical Peel + Facial

You can think of facials as a mini treat, targeting issues for each skin type. They’re typically very gentle on the skin and come with zero recovery time. Adding in chemical peels can slough off dead skin and allow other treatments to work better. Without bulky dead skin cells to penetrate through, treatments can better work their magic, revealing improved skin faster with results that last.

Combo Treatments for The Body

The Minimalist – Massage + Body Scrubs

Keeping skin smooth and polished is simple. The best and simplest combo treatment for the body is a massage and scrub duo, which tackles the issue of dry skin and promotes circulation. These two treatments together can not only improve circulation but can also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The Trifecta – The Minimalist + Lasers

Just like for the face, there are tons of lasers out there meant to tackle a wide range of concerns and problem areas. For those that want to tighten up areas and look more toned, massage and lasers like Coolsculpting can work magic. This combo will reveal smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin while tightening up areas where diet and exercise are not enough.

The Ultimate Combo – The Trifecta + Detoxification

Think of this one as the ultimate combo for the skin and the face – as detoxification can work wonders for the skin. Getting toxins out is not only beneficial for the look and feel of skin, but also for overall health – which always makes skin more radiant.

Scheduling – Dos and Donts

With so many things to consider, how do you know when and how to schedule treatments? If you’re not sure how to answer, we’ve got you covered.


1. Consult your client’s calendar

2. Consider recovery time

3. Start with more intense treatments

   first to extend healing time

4. Suggest lighter treatments for

   maintenance (in between more

   intense treatments)


1. Do too much all at once

2. Do too many intense treatments

    in a row

3. Forget to take skin type into account

Extending the benefits of deeper, intense treatments can be done with more soothing treatments. Once you choose a combo, consider healing times, using that as a guide to creating your client’s perfect combo treatment schedule. From the most basic to the most luxurious – there are combo treatments of all types for both face and body. The options are truly limitless!