Summer Blues

Bold Shadows to Try This Season


Blue is trending this Summer for a bold makeup look that demands all eyes on you. I know what you’re thinking, didn’t we leave this makeup trend behind in the ’90s? Like all beauty trends, fashion designers and makeup artists are putting a new spin on the vivid blue look and accepting blues of all shades, tints, and hues. There are so many different ways to play with the dynamic color from poolside blue to sapphire blue. As makeup artists, testing the waters is always fun, especially when your clients are on board.


When you think of blue, what comes to mind? Many people think of the sky and sea. The color is generally associated with expansiveness, open spaces, freedom, imagination, and sensitivity. But not all blues mean the same thing. Different shades of blue have different meanings, some of which are complex and contradicting. While cooler blues are light and friendly, electric and vibrant blues are dynamic and dramatic.

No matter the feeling, the color invites self-expression and can diversify your lookbook.

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Light blues can invoke feelings of calm and balance, bright blues can be energizing and refreshing, and dark blues can feel daring and dangerous. No matter the feeling, the color invites self-expression and can diversify your lookbook. So encourage your clients to think big and think deep, think light, and think boldly. Here are the ways to rock every shade of blue this Summer.

Iced Blue:

We know it’s Summertime, so you’ll need something to cool of your look. A little frost on the eyes is just what you need to dip your toes into experimenting with the color blue. You can use a cream eyeshadow, a liquid eyeshadow, or shimmer powder eyeshadow to keep it light on the face. Just pat it on with your fingers for a look that’s easy and effortless, and pull the look together with some soft pink lips.

Sky Blue:

Soft and diffused like the clear blue sky, a shade of pastel blue is universally flattering. Keep it light and simple with a streak of sky blue liner on the lower lids for a flirty look. Or make it dreamy and apply it all over the lid and crease using a fluffy brush. Then apply some layers of shimmer for a cloud-like effect. If you want to add some dimension, you can also add a different color shimmer blue to the outer half of your lid and blend it outward. You can finish it off with some sky blue on the lower lash line for a sultry effect.

Poolside Blue:

This shade of blue is brighter, but still a bit diffused and is perfect for every skin tone. There are a few ways you can pull off the look while making it look effortless. You can pack on the vibrant shade all over the lids. To make your client look bright and refreshed, you can balance the eyes out with some white on the center of the lids. For a modern and sleek look that turns heads, wing out the outer corners into a graphic cat-eye shape. For wet, dewy eyes that glisten like the pool water, simply apply the blue across the lid and dab a face gloss across the eyes.

Aqua Blue:

Channel your client’s inner mermaid with an aquamarine eye look that is perfect for a night out. You can do a simple one-color turquoise eye by layering it on the eyelid and swooping the same brush under the eye for a smokey, smudged effect. Make a statement with bold winged eyeliner. To make the eyes pop a little more, add a nude gel eyeliner on the waterline, then highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes for lids that twinkle under the moonlight.

Deep Blue Sea:

I call this one Deep Blue Sea for its dramatic and edgy vibe. You can get this sultry, sexy summer look with a dark, midnight blue. To intensify the look, you can add a shimmery black to the outpart of the look for more depth and a matte black eyeshadow at the eye’s outer corner. You can also add the same shimmer black color all along the bottom lash line. The key here is to blend until you feel the eyes are smokey enough. To even out the look, use a shimmer pink highlighter for the inner corners of the eye and a light yellow eyeshadow on the brow bone. Then, pull it all together with a black winged liner and black volumizing mascara for an added boost.