Stress-Free, Bride-to-Be

Putting your Brides at ease this wedding season


Running a Beauty Business during a Pandemic is probably not what you had in mind for 2020. As Covid-19 runs its course, our Brides have to make some difficult decisions and adjust their wedding plans. This is a time as Beauty Professionals that we should re-evaluate our processes. With a few adjustments, you can deliver excellent service for your Brides and, at the same time, increase your bookings, even in the middle of a pandemic.


First, let’s chat about your Client Experience. This is the journey you take your clients on from start to finish and the impression you leave with them. We all know how important first impressions are alone. How do you want your clients to feel every time they encounter you and your brand? Planning a wedding or special occasion is stressful on its own, the last thing you want is for your booking process to add to that stress.
Make sure everything you ask of your Bride is communicated clearly and as simple as possible. For example, instead of asking the Bride 30 questions on your contact form, simplify the form to about 5 of the most important information you need upfront. Having too many questions on your contact form will take your Bride more time and cause her to feel overwhelmed, resulting in her leaving the website altogether.

The peace of mind they will have by hiring you will definitely be worth the investment


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Susan Talamantes

Susan Talamantes owns a Bridal Hairstyling and Makeup company serving California, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Destination Locations. After over a decade in the Beauty Industry and building a successful Bridal Beauty Company, she now helps Wedding Hairstylists and Makeup Artists build their businesses. She helps Beauty Pros gain more bookings using Instagram and get organized by building efficient systems. If you enjoyed this article and would like to learn more about Instagram Marketing Strategies, you can find Susan on Instagram at