Spring Makeup Trends

Refresh your looks with these straight off the runway


For all of you estheticians that love to experiment with makeup, these Spring trends were made for you. With minimalist makeup on the rise, makeup artists are finding unique ways to interject color into their looks. And color came in full-force at the New York Fashion Week 2020 runway shows, reminding everyone just how fun makeup can be. From clean and bright skin that beams with a pop of color to a sparkly touch of embellishment on the eyes, this season is celebrating femininity with the most invigorating looks. There’s never been a better time to encourage more spunk in your client’s makeup. Here are the hottest makeup trends to get creative with this season!

Dripping in Gloss

Over the past few years, dewy, glowing skin has been taken to a whole new level with the Korean-influenced “glass-skin” trend breaking the internet. Well, it seems like everyone’s favorite trend is here to stay. Skip out on the shimmer and embrace all things sleek! This is a look you can teach your clients how to perfect at home to help them revitalize their pretty faces. This is also a great opportunity to stress the importance of skincare to further strengthen the gleam.

Achieve this look by slathering a mixture of moisturizers, brightening serums and/or cream highlighter to your client’s face. Use a water-tint foundation for a thin veil of hydrating coverage. Set the face with powder in certain areas to avoid an overly oily look. Get the vibe from Chanel’s Spring 2020 fashion show and add a bit of clear face gloss to your client’s lids, cheekbones, down the bridge of her nose and on her lips. You can add a little bit of color with a light iridescent eyeshadow and a mixture of lip balm and a suede colored lipstick for some glossy, flushed lips.

This season’s trends are all about defying the norm, and the graphic liner is no different.

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Pastel Lids

Cool pinks, pretty lilacs, and sky blues…pastels are as synonymous with Spring as are picnics and fresh flowers. This year pastels are being celebrated more than ever. We’re seeing our favorite fashion icons painted head-to-toe in these ethereal shades by top designers like Olivia Rubin and Louis Vuitton. You, too, can achieve that dusted delicate wash for your client’s peepers with plenty of heavily pigmented shadows for a soft, yet captivating effect. Simply use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep a gorgeous periwinkle or mint shadow on the upper lid and lower lash line. Balance out the look by keeping it neutral with the cheeks and lips.

Graphic Liner

This season’s trends are all about defying the norm, and the graphic liner is no different. Everyone is buzzing about the fluorescent-pink crease liner that rocked the stage at the Versace Spring 2020 runway show. There’s a new take on the 60s-inspired twiggy-like cut crease which is graphic and simple rather than heavily blended and overly defined. You’ll need a bright liner to do the trick. Draw a line on the crease between your client’s lash line and brow from the inner corner to the middle of their eyelid. Stop there, or take a lighter shade (a pastel color should do nicely) and continue the swoop for a beautiful contrast of colors. For a more accentuated cat-eye, add structure to the inner corners of the eyes. Use a freshly sharpened neon liner to create the timeless winged look. Then, trace the tear ducts with the same color. This added step will amp up the drama and give your client’s look a more geometrical vibe.

White Liner

If your client is more into neutrals but still wants an unexpected edge to her look, white eyeliner is the way to go. This fun, flirty and fresh look provides a beautiful monochrome finish that’s still eye-catching without being over the top. It can easily match any outfit and pair nicely with other makeup. The key to nailing this trend is definition. You want to use a creamy, white eye pencil that’s fully opaque and has a sharp, fine tip that glides on smoothly. This will help you avoid getting color into the base of the lashes which can wash out your client’s face. Go in for a crisp cat-eye or give the outer corner a flirty flick before finishing off with ultra-black mascara. Your client’s going to need a lot of mascara to really make that cloud-like liner pop. Apply bronzer and a hint of orangey-pink blush on the cheeks for sun-kissed skin and refreshing contrast.

Fresh Face, Bold Lip

Skin is in, and clients are embracing their outer layer more than over. What makes this French-inspired look so gorgeous is having a neutral, clean base that brings focus to the lips. Opaque, rich red lips are undeniably a classic, but artists are adding a vinyl shine finish to it that makes it more modern. Matte cherry lips also make a bold statement, while adding a cooler and younger vibe to the look. Get this bared-face, bright red lip ensemble for your clients by first minimizing any imperfections on their skin. After priming the face, use a good quality foundation and concealer to cover up any red areas or dark circles around the eyes. Prep the lips with a lip scrub, and then swipe the shade across the lips for a brilliant pop of color.

Embellished Eyes

When in doubt, put a sticker on it. But in all seriousness, top designers like Marc Jacobs and Pyer Moss are loving the look of embellished lids. Truth is, glitter, stars, and gems have been a trend in the festival world of whimsical makeup for a few years now and will continue to be popular with those clients attending concerts and festivals this Spring. For a perfect girls’ night out look, amplify your client’s eyes with a luminous pastel lid or vibrant geometric liner. Use eyelash glue and tweezers to secure gemstones or stars in the desired position. Have a client that’s going to a festival this season? Try adding some adornments across the bridge of her nose and the top of the cheeks like makeup artist Farah Homidi did to several models at the Off-White show at Paris Fashion Week. She gave Gigi Hadid meteor shower eyes by sticking silver glitter and sequins in between her eyes and over her tear ducts.

Blush Draping

The technique was originally created in the 70s by famed makeup artist Way Bandy, who called it “color glow”. Shortly after his passing, Marc Jacobs paid homage to his dear friend by bringing the trend back to the light, launching a blush contouring product and coining the term draping. If you remember the glistening look poised by the glorious singer and owner of Fenty Beauty Rihanna at the 2017 Met Gala, then you know just how strikingly beautiful blush draping can be.

It seems like everyone is still not over the trend (rightfully so), and many designers are embracing the fresh glow this season and replacing softer hues with more dramatic color, taking it further into the eyes. Enhance your client’s natural bone structure and create a personalized, sculpted look that lifts her face. Start from the temples and swoop down to the cheekbones in a c-shape. This ensures that all of the blush gets easily dispersed and is not too heavy on the apple of her cheeks. Blend in that same color into the eyes for an almost mask-like look.

Fluorescent Shadows

If you haven’t been able to tell by now, bright colors are in. From neon green to vibrant hot pink, these colors are so stimulating it’s impossible to ignore. Add a little bit of sunshine to the eyes with a bright yellow liner or pack it on the lids and pair it with a sleek black wing. A bright yellow can help soften the skin for a brighter and fresher looking complexion. Yellow simply isn’t your thing? The colors are endless this season and no one is apologizing for being too loud. The trend isn’t limiting to the eyes either. You can bring fluorescence to the lips with a nice orange shade that pops with a smile.