Spring Makeup Trends

Refresh your looks with these straight off the runway


For all of you estheticians that love to experiment with makeup, these Spring trends were made for you. With minimalist makeup on the rise, makeup artists are finding unique ways to interject color into their looks. And color came in full-force at the New York Fashion Week 2020 runway shows, reminding everyone just how fun makeup can be. From clean and bright skin that beams with a pop of color to a sparkly touch of embellishment on the eyes, this season is celebrating femininity with the most invigorating looks. There’s never been a better time to encourage more spunk in your client’s makeup. Here are the hottest makeup trends to get creative with this season!

Dripping in Gloss

Over the past few years, dewy, glowing skin has been taken to a whole new level with the Korean-influenced “glass-skin” trend breaking the internet. Well, it seems like everyone’s favorite trend is here to stay. Skip out on the shimmer and embrace all things sleek! This is a look you can teach your clients how to perfect at home to help them revitalize their pretty faces. This is also a great opportunity to stress the importance of skincare to further strengthen the gleam.

Achieve this look by slathering a mixture of moisturizers, brightening serums and/or cream highlighter to your client’s face. Use a water-tint foundation for a thin veil of hydrating coverage. Set the face with powder in certain areas to avoid an overly oily look. Get the vibe from Chanel’s Spring 2020 fashion show and add a bit of clear face gloss to your client’s lids, cheekbones, down the bridge of her nose and on her lips. You can add a little bit of color with a light iridescent eyeshadow and a mixture of lip balm and a suede colored lipstick for some glossy, flushed lips.

This season’s trends are all about defying the norm, and the graphic liner is no different.


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Aurora Solis

Aurora Solis is a former Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist turned beauty and wellness writer. With 15 years of experience in the industry, she never grows tired of the beauty industry's ever-changing landscape. Her passion is helping other beauty professionals grow and be confident in their business ventures while putting them in touch with the latest trends and education.