Spring Makeup Trends 2022

Five trending looks and how to do them


The air is full of excitement for this coming spring, shaking us out of the pandemic blues and getting us back to our social ways. Along with the need for freedom comes the need for expression, creating a flux of bold and daring makeup trends.

We’ve peaked in on some of the hottest runways and checked out beauty gurus and influencers to bring you a list of 5 of the spring’s most trendy looks, along with some tips on how you can do them. From adding them into your daily work life to going bold when you’re free, these looks are sure to help put that extra spring in your step.

Today’s blushes are pigmented and blend-able, two things that make them desirable for building up unique looks.

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Statement BlushThis Spring’s Hottest Trend

Forget the subtle swipes of color that were so 2020; 2022 is giving blush its time to shine. Along the runways of top names like Carolina Herrera, models have strutted their stuff with a full wash of beautiful pinky and coral tones along the entire cheekbone. It goes well with pouty lips and bold eyeliner, bringing all of the colors together for a structured yet fun look that’s sure to be this spring’s hottest hit.

Get over your fears caused by the 80s and upgrade your blush routine this spring. Today’s blushes are pigmented and blend-able, two things that make them desirable for building up unique looks. After priming and evening out the skin tone, apply some cream blush to a beauty blender and tap off the excess. Start at the temple and dab the color along the cheekbone, adding a bit more if you want an extra pop.

Neon LidsBold and Daring

Neon colors are beautiful on all skin tones, which is part of the reason why they’re on every fashionista’s wish list. Seeing neon wake up the skin and eyes has made it a desirable look, along with its ability to pair with virtually anything. Rock it with minimal makeup and mascara, or go big with bold everything.

To try this trend, pick out some neon shadows and play around. You can pat on one color for a fun and sophisticated look or mix a few for a fun neon trio. Whatever you do, keep the emphasis on the inner and outer corners to extend your eye shape and bring out all of the colorful flakes in your eyes.

Embellished EyesHead-Turning Designs

We’ve seen embellishments make their way to the face over the past few years, though this year, they’re making their way to the streets. Even if you’re not going full glam, adding some bling to the corners of the eyes or all around could give your look just what it needs to stand out among the crowd. From dainty jewels to bold accents, you can adapt this look to fit any occasion.

The runway has seen fun embellishments of rose gold and silver along the lower lash line and even foiled pieces taking the place of eyeliner. If you’re in a professional setting, go small with dainty pieces in the corners of the eye for a bit more definition around the eyes. If you’re a trend-setter, the sky’s the limit, allowing you to play with shapes, colors, and pairings.

Glitter and GlossNo Surprise Here

Glitter and gloss are two things that pair perfectly. Glitter can give a fun flair to all makeup looks, and gloss polishes everything off. Most of those who rock this look swipe glitter on the lids and gloss on the lips, though there are no set rules. Switch it up, mix it up, and just have fun.

Adding glitter to the eyelids is always a classic, though think about playing it up with a fun color like aqua green or hot pink. Then, on the lips, dab on a bit of gloss over your favorite pout color for an instant on-trend face. For a night out, switch it up, with glitter on the lips and gloss on the eyes.

Natural Dewy SkinThe Trend That’s Here to Stay

If there is one good thing that came out of more time indoors, it was the appreciation for more natural looks. Skin is in, and tints and light foundations that let it shine through are flying off the shelves. It’s all about healthy, glowing, dewy skin, all of which pair perfectly with whatever looks you’re feeling that day.

For this one, you’ll want to focus on your skin type, going with coverage that will allow your skin to breathe without producing excess shine. There are some hot contenders out there on the market, so shop around, try some out, and embrace your beautiful, natural skin.