Pre-Procedure Skin Care

Prepping the skin

The popularity of facial cosmetic surgery and laser procedures is always increasing. From medical grade laser resurfacing, to eye lifts, neck lifts and even full facelifts, our clients are often curious about these procedures and it’s not uncommon for them to consult with a plastic surgeon. As their esthetician and guardian of their skin health, the responsibility of prepping their skin for surgery and overseeing their recovery can often fall in our hands, even if you don’t have a direct relationship with the physician or surgeon doing the procedure. In fact, many doctors’ offices do not have a pre and post treatment skin care protocol in place. Although this may come as a surprise, it should also be seen as an opportunity to reach a new market segment of clients who are preparing for or healing from cosmetics procedures.

Pre-Procedure Care

The main objective for pre-procedure skin care is to strengthen the skin to allow for the best outcome, safest procedure, and minimal inflammatory response post-surgery with faster healing times. Whether your client is having total facial reconstruction or spot treatment with medical grade lasers, the outcome will surely be improved with a proper pre-treatment skin care plan that involves in-office treatment as well as customized home care regimens.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your clients receive optimal results. Hey, they may even put in a good word for you with their surgeon and help you establish a lucrative referral relationship!

Ingredients that help strengthen the skin and should be used prior to wounding include retinoids such as tretinoin and retinol.


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Aurora Solis

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