Post-Procedure Skin Care

Caring for clients after invasive procedures

After cosmetic surgery or laser treatment, there are a range of conditions in which you might find your client. From completely swollen and bruised, to minor inflammation and scarring, it is important to know how to help your client along their healing journey to help them feel their best and see the full results of their investment in cosmetic procedures.

While the physician overseeing your client’s recovery will likely maintain close contact and sometimes daily in-office check ups to track your clients progress, you can still play an essential role in your client’s recovery as their esthetician. Often, the surgeon or physician is checking to see how your client is healing from a medical perspective. But, there are many treatments you can offer to help reduce inflammation, speed healing and help your client feel relaxed during the often difficult and uncomfortable healing process.

Here are some treatments that will help reduce inflammation and promote healing for your clients after cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures:

You can still play an essential role in your client’s recovery as their esthetician.


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Aurora Solis

Aurora Solis is a former Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist turned beauty and wellness writer. With 15 years of experience in the industry, she never grows tired of the beauty industry's ever-changing landscape. Her passion is helping other beauty professionals grow and be confident in their business ventures while putting them in touch with the latest trends and education.