Post-Procedure Skin Care

Caring for clients after invasive procedures

After cosmetic surgery or laser treatment, there are a range of conditions in which you might find your client. From completely swollen and bruised, to minor inflammation and scarring, it is important to know how to help your client along their healing journey to help them feel their best and see the full results of their investment in cosmetic procedures.

While the physician overseeing your client’s recovery will likely maintain close contact and sometimes daily in-office check ups to track your clients progress, you can still play an essential role in your client’s recovery as their esthetician. Often, the surgeon or physician is checking to see how your client is healing from a medical perspective. But, there are many treatments you can offer to help reduce inflammation, speed healing and help your client feel relaxed during the often difficult and uncomfortable healing process.

Here are some treatments that will help reduce inflammation and promote healing for your clients after cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures:

You can still play an essential role in your client’s recovery as their esthetician.

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It’s no secret that LED Light Therapy has amazing wound healing potential. This treatment reduces bruising, which is a major concern for clients who have recently undergone cosmetic surgery, such as facelifts and eye lifts.

It also helps accelerate the rate of wound closure, which can mean faster healing and reduced scarring. This is great news for clients who are concerned about visible scars anywhere on the body post-surgery.

LED Light Therapy works by using light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells. According to Celluma Light Therapy, “In the same way that plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into plant tissue, high intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) utilizing specific, proven wavelengths of light can trigger a natural biostimulatory effect in human tissue. Research has shown that phototherapy can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone, texture and clarity, as well as ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm, and arthritis.

Research indicates that cells absorb particles of light (photons) and transform their energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the form of energy that cells utilize. The resulting elevation of ATP is then used to power metabolic processes; synthesize DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes, and other products needed to repair or regenerate cell components; foster mitosis or cell proliferation; and restore homeostasis. Simply put, the LED light source provides compromised cells with added energy so the cells performance is enhanced. For example, fibroblast cells will increase collagen and elastic production in connective tissue.”

Frequent session under your LED Light will dramatically improve the rate of your client’s healing after invasive procedures. They will thank you, and so will their doctor!


Manual lymphatic drainage massage is a great, gentle method of reducing inflammation and getting rid of excess fluid and cellular waste that can accumulate after cosmetic surgery.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a technique used to provide relief from edema, an accumulation of fluids in the tissues that causes swelling. It is a gentle massage that stimulates the immune system and improves the appearance of the skin. LDM is used after surgery, to help reduce edema/ swelling and speed up healing. During LDM, muscles relax, heart and breathe rate decrease, and clients move into a state of relaxation that promotes healing and balance. Scar tissue becomes smaller, smoother, more flexible and stronger.

According to esthetician Marta Rey, an expert in pre and post-op skin care, “Plastic surgery patients experience post operative bruising, tightness and swelling of skin tissues. These skin reactions are a natural result of trauma that the skin experiences during surgery.” Marta helps drain away the excess fluids and waste products which surround the cells, aiding in the distribution of nourishing elements to the skin, and preventing the lymph from stagnating and producing swelling of the tissues. Think of it as a holistic therapy “tune up” designed to invigorate your lymphatic system. More than one treatment is required for best results.

As with any cosmetic surgery, there is a potential risk of side effects such as poor scarring, bruises, and swelling. To minimize these negative results, Marta Rey offers Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy to assist her clients recovering from cosmetic surgery. The benefits of this therapy are sure to enable clients to make a smoother transition to a full recovery.

The benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage post-procedure include:

• Aids in pain reduction
• Speeds healing
• Reduces edema (swelling)
• Minimizes scar formation
• Enhances immune system function
• Regenerates cells
• Promotes relaxation
• Improves overall skin health