No Show, No Go

Dealing with cancellations

Service providers rely on their appointments for income, which ultimately contributes to their lifestyle and wellbeing. In a spa environment, where the wellbeing of clients is the focus, it is important to recognize that if the service provider is not doing well, neither will the clients. Cancellation policies are necessary to keep the spa busy, but they also ensure the wellbeing of the therapists and, therefore, the other patrons of the business. Cancellation policies benefit workers and clients. They ease the stress of a lost appointment for the therapist, and give enough time in advance for more clients to take appointments and have a better experience with a happy therapist.

It Takes Two to Tango

Cancellation policies are essential, as they hold clients responsible for the time they have scheduled with a spa and with a therapist. Without one, clients might feel no obligation to hold their appointments because there is no penalty. Cancellation policies remind clients that their actions have consequences, and not showing up to an appointment is an action with only negative ones. However, it is up to the spa to make sure clients know the gravity of their decision to cancel appointments and know everything that will happen if they do decide to cancel (or no show).

Clients should be held responsible for the appointments they book. Enforcing the cancellation policy is important so that clients do not take advantage of a business.


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