Lash Expectations

Avoid misunderstandings with your
lash clients with these simple tips


Managing client expectations can be a tricky aspect of providing amazing services as a lash artist.
Whether it’s miscommunication about styling decisions or incorrect assumptions about how
long extensions should last, these situations can make it challenging to ensure client satisfaction.
Thankfully, thorough pre- and post-appointment conversations give you the perfect opportunity to
confirm that you and your client are on the same page. Let’s look at common pitfalls and the steps
you can take to avoid them.


Lash styling is subjective and sometimes even confusing. While one client considers a hybrid set too dramatic, another most certainly thinks it’s not nearly dramatic enough. Others wonder why their lashes look different from their friend’s lashes, even though they had the same type of set applied. It can be frustrating for both parties when the client opens their eyes to find that what they see in the mirror isn’t what they had expected.

While one client considers a hybrid set too dramatic, another most certainly thinks it’s not nearly dramatic enough.

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To prevent these misunderstandings, conduct a thorough consultation before your full sets. Clients often don’t realize how unique lashes and eyes are or how the health/number of their natural lashes will determine what extensions they can handle (and how those extensions look). Kick things off by being upfront about this – inform them that no two sets of eyes are identical, so no two sets of lashes will look alike, even if the same mapping is used. Teach them how important it is to select extensions that won’t damage natural lashes and how it relates to density and drama.

After you’ve educated your client on these factors, eliminate styling subjectivity by jointly looking at photos of your previous work. Have them point out what they like rather than describing it verbally. This will clarify how they define commonly-confused terms like “natural” or “wispy” and will prevent different definitions of what is “dramatic.”

Then, before committing to a style, carefully assess their natural lashes and have an honest conversation about what to expect if their lashes won’t be able to support what they’re asking for. Let them know where you need to adjust length, diameter, or dimension to ensure their lashes stay healthy long-term.

Be gentle but firm in your wording and tone to avoid hurting their feelings but ensure they understand you aren’t willing to compromise lash health. Once you’ve landed on a map, repeat it back to them and have them confirm that it is what they want before you get started. Showing confidence in your final recommendation will ultimately lead to higher satisfaction with the end product; they’ll know an expert listened and did what was best for their lashes.


Misguided expectations about how long extensions last can also lead to frustration, especially when the artist is incorrectly blamed for poor retention. Help your clients take ownership over their retention by ending your full set appointments with a detailed conversation about fill schedules and the importance of consistent aftercare.

Start by walking them through the natural lash shed cycle to understand what level of shedding is expected and when they should plan to return for a fill. Answer their questions and debunk myths about going six weeks without a fill. If their lifestyle (think daily workouts, sleeping habits, and product usage) means they’ll likely shed faster than normal, let them know this is a possibility now – don’t wait until they call you to say they’re losing a lot of lashes.

Teach your client about the various factors that impact retention and about their role in maximizing it to help prevent them from assuming it’s only your fault if they have poor retention. With aftercare, in particular, don’t assume they understand what to do – instead, walk them through proper cleaning and care protocols step-by-step. Emphasize the importance of these steps by describing why each is important for maintaining healthy natural lashes and maximizing the time between appointments. Remind them that you can’t guarantee your work if proper aftercare isn’t followed.

Much of managing client expectations comes down to being proactive and honest. Take the time to hold these conversations, answer questions, and kindly correct any incorrect understandings. By doing so, not only will you avoid undeserved blame resulting from misunderstandings, but you’ll also boost client satisfaction by setting and meeting (or even exceeding!) appropriate expectations.