Insured to Beautify

Three must-have insurance policies for estheticians


If you’ve ever taken the time to comb through insurance policies, you might have found that there is something for everything. We know it can get complicated, which is why we’re here with the scoop. Find out what you need, what you don’t, and how to get started today.

Whether you own your salon, offer your services in several spas, or have an on-the-go service, you’ll need insurance. Here are a few that you should not be without.

General Liability Insurance – The Must-Have Insurance for Estheticians

Accidents happen, even when we take every precaution. When you offer services at a spa or in your home, you have to have protection, just in case the unexpected happens. General liability insurance is there to have your back for many reasons. Whether it’s

• A client is injured
• Yours or your client’s property is damaged
• Slander or accusations from clients

The opportunity for accidents is all around us, and the better we prepare, the better we can manage our business and our profits.

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For example, let’s say you’re working in a spa. If your client comes in and trips over a rug, a cord, or their own feet, you could be liable. Not just for the injuries but, if they need a visit to the hospital, you could be looking at a hefty bill.

That’s why general liability is a must-have for all estheticians, no matter where you work.

Professional Liability Insurance – The Ultimate Protector

Even if you’re the best esthetician in town, you can still have unsatisfied clients. Most unhappy customers will just take it day by day and possibly never come to see you again. However, other clients will take it a few steps further.

They can file a formal suit on the grounds of:

•  Negligence
• Mishandling of data
• Expectation vs. reality

Even if you know there is no evidence, you could wind up spending an arm and a leg trying to prove your case without insurance. When you work directly with clients’ bodies, you should have professional liability, just in case.

Workers’ Comp Insurance – Protection for You + Employees

Even if you have only one employee, you’ll need workers’ comp insurance. This insurance will protect you from the high costs of hospital bills if your employee gets hurt. The opportunity for accidents is all around us, and the better we prepare, the better we can manage our business and our profits.

Additional Insurance

We’re not saying that there are not also important, though we’d like to point out the fact that you can live without these when starting out. Still, once you start getting more clients and building up your brand, you may want to add these to your list of coverage.

Equipment Insurance – Protect your Stuff

Think of all the tools in your salon. Don’t forget about all the furniture, the décor, and even the steam room that everyone loves to use. All of these things are exposed to accidents every single day, which is why you should look to protect them.

This policy will cover issues that happen to any of your tools and any accidents or thefts that may occur.

Property Insurance – Protect your Property

This insurance only applies to those that have their own spot. This insurance will kick in if there is a break-in, flooding, a fire, or any other kind of incident that pops up and causes chaos. One of the best things about property insurance is that it protects both the building and everything in it, coming in clutch when you need it the most.

Cyber Insurance – A New-Age Insurance

Cyber insurance is one of those things that businesses need to add to their list. As things become more digitized, customer information is stored, putting it at risk of a cyberattack. You may think you’re not a target but, that’s not true, as cybercriminals will go after whoever they can.

Cyber insurance works to keep you protected in case there is a data leak. If a client’s information is put at risk or compromised, you could be liable to pay for damages, both financial and emotional.

Protect Yourself

You do a lot for your clients, so now it’s time to do something for yourself. Keep yourself protected so you can provide the best services without any of the worries.