Holiday Glam

Makeup trends for the festive season


The holidays are on their way, bringing with them a slew of juicy makeup trends that you’ve definitely got to try! From an all-over “glaze for days” look to polished skin with a bold brush of blush, we’ve narrowed down the season’s most requested looks from the catwalk to TikTok. Find out how to create looks your clients crave and how to promote your makeup artistry skills to get them (and their friends) coming in.

This look works best when keep- ing foundation and contour soft and going for a neutral lip

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Cheeky & Bold

Cooler temperatures give us a naturally flushed look Taking inspiration from this chilly phenomenon, runways were flooded with beauties rocking a heavy dose of blush from the brow bones, past the temples, and onto the apples of the cheek.

This look works best when keeping foundation and contour soft and going for a neutral lip. The magic happens with a dusting of a mineral hue or a few dabs of liquid or cream blush starting from the apples of the cheeks. Blend in an upward direction toward the brow bone for a pretty flush that’s sure to turn heads. Remember, this look is all about going bold, so pick up more product and blend to let the pigments work their magic.

Glaze for Days

Glazed donut skin took the web by storm this Spring. While the look is still hot for the winter, colder weather calls for the addition of cooler hues to the eyes and a complementary colored lip.

Starting with a base of skincare products that hold onto moisture, the look is best achieved with a light base that allows the skin to breathe. The glaze comes from the skin’s naturally healthy glow along with a touch of highlight in all the right places. Then, a light dusting of iridescent shadow across the eyes and a dab of fuchsia lipstick amps up the look.

Rose Pucker

Red lips have been a classic holiday look for decades, taking inspiration from iconic Hollywood starlets. Winter 2022 will not be short of makeup looks with red lips, especially bold and matte shades.

For this look, even, mattified skin is a must, followed by a dusting of gold shadow across the lids. For a full glam look with this pairing, it’s suggested to add a thin line of black liner to emphasize the eyes and a tinge of bronzer on the cheeks – keeping the focus on the lips.

Soft Euphoria

We live for some of the looks seen on TV’s Euphoria. They’re bold and daring, featuring color and texture combos that entice the eyes. An essential part of this look is small crystal accents. After buffing on a pastel blue or purple hue (Winter’s hottest eye colors!), pop crystals along the crease, across the lash line, or add a few at the corners for a bit of glitzy emphasis. Complete this look with a dusting of highlighter and a pale matte lip.

Tips to Promote Your Artistry

Creating these trending makeup looks on your clients is exciting – but how can you get them in the door? If you offer several services, and makeup artistry is not one of your highlights, clients are likely to miss out on their chance to get glam. You can bring your skills to light and gain more practice by promoting your skills. Here are so no-fail ways to do it:


Everyone loves a good glam look but finding an artist to create it can be challenging. Choosing someone to give you a look worthy of a special holiday event takes trust, which you can achieve by displaying your skills. Show off looks that you’ve created, highlighting different techniques and products.

Pro Tip: Get cozy in front of the camera and record your sessions. You can use these to make clips and fun videos that will create buzz

Combo Deal

One of the best ways to promote a service or product is to combine it with one of your most popular services. For instance, if you have high demand for facial treatments, create a deal that comes with a combo facial treatment and makeup session for a holiday glam look. A few creations are all you need to start getting the word out, leaving it to your clients to show their friends and spread the word.

The Gift of Glamour

Give your clients a chance to gift their friends a holiday makeover, with a price and packaging they can’t resist. It’s the perfect exchange between friends and an easy way for you to get your name out there. Go for cute present-like gift card holders or create a custom gift card with a trending look that really plays into the theme.


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