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Events & Workshops

Trending event ideas to get your spa on the map this season 


The holiday season is the perfect time to show off what you have to offer. Clients are looking for a way to get back in touch with their sanity, and everyone is scrambling for unique and thoughtful gifts. Hosting a holiday workshop or event could be just the thing to help those in your area get what they’re looking for plus, bring a slew of opportunities to bump up sales and gain new clients. 

Below, we have some of the hottest trending events for inspiration, followed by a look at some tips for hosting a successful event that will leave attendees spreading the word. 

The Seasons Hottest Trends 

Many are hopping on the self-care bandwagon, putting both time and money into feeling and looking their best. To achieve those goals, your clients trust you to help them stay on top of the latest techniques and products. When you host events to let clients know what you’re capable of, blow them away with the season’s hottest trends. 

A successful event has the power to push you into superstardom, getting your name and your talents out there.

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Skin Cleansing 101 

Cleansing the skin sounds like a basic idea but, clients are always looking for professional tips. Whether it’s playing with pressures or the order of skincare, it seems like everyone is looking for their perfect routine. The holiday season is the perfect time to host a skin cleansing 101 workshop, helping your clients relax their skin into a smooth, hydrated bliss. Create a fun and interactive event where attendees can follow along using your pro tips and favorite products. Don’t forget to work on displays and set up some unbeatable deals, giving your attendees incentive to purchase products and keep you in mind for their next spa day.  

Gua Sha Techniques 

Gua Sha is a hot trend that’s seeping into both the beauty and wellness industry. It’s said to depuff the skin and firm it by promoting blood circulation for an instant firming feel that improves appearance instantly. A Gua Sha event could be both fun and relaxing, teaching foundational techniques and best practices. Clients will love the experience and will love that you are taking the initiative to teach them more about taking care of their skin. Throw in some goodies, plug your favorite products, and use them to extend your services to all those who attend. 

Pumpkin and Spice and Everything Nice 

The pumpkin spiced trend is everywhere, seeping into desserts, cereals, and even spa treatments. Nothing screams fall quite like pumpkin and nothing that gets clients ready for a winter wonderland than cinnamon and ginger. To create a holiday-inspired crowd-pleaser, try a simple pamper party with innovative masks infused with fall favorites. It will stir up some buzz in your area, making gals want to grab their pals for a scrumptious feel-good treat. 

Tips to Hosting a Successful Event 

A successful event has the power to push you into superstardom, getting your name and your talents out there. To host a killer event that benefits both you and your clients, check out these expert tips. 

Tip #1. Planning Makes Perfect 

We are not just talking about setting dates here. We are talking about every single detail. From the time you set up to the time you throw away the last speck of glitter, you’ll need a plan. Some things to consider in your planning are: 

  • Your goals 
  • Products 
  • Theme 
  • Décor 
  • Refreshments 
  • Number of attendees 
  • Dates and times 

Pro Tip: Check community events and check for popular events that will steal your shine. 

Tip #2. Take Advantage of Social Media 

Nowadays, anyone can create an event in seconds and post it onto all platforms. While it’s simple, you want to take some time to consider the message and the image you want to send. Make it fun and creative to attract more attention. Tell your followers what they can expect, make your post shareable, and don’t forget to mention the freebies too! 

Pro Tip: Create some mystery by giving out a prize to one (or a few) lucky attendees. Make sure to add the value in so they know it’s worth it! 

Tip #3. Partner Up 

Know what’s more powerful than one local business? Two of them! Workshops and events are always more fun with more people, which is why you should look for ways to partner up. Check out local bakeries, coffee shops, flower shops, boutiques, and more, choosing those that fit your theme and style. Together, it will create a power event, exposing new clients to each business. 

Pro Tip: Give the business owners some love and offer free or discounted services for employees. 

Holiday Hosting Done Right 

Each event that you host should be an opportunity to get social with businesses and clients. The holidays are the perfect time to shine, giving your community something to look forward to and showing them what you can do. It’s time to get to the drawing board, creating ways to have fun and make clients feel and look their best and brightest.