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Barbie Zarraga from Browaholic shares her experience in Venezuela

Becoming a skin care specialist and eyebrow expert while moving from Venezuela to the U.S. was a very interesting transition. My experiences with beauty schools in both countries were actually very different from each other.

Living in Venezuela and before the rise of social media, it was difficult to learn about the latest beauty trends, treatments and techniques that were forming in the U.S. We didn’t really have access to hands-on education from the trendsetters. So, estheticians like myself would learn about the trends months after they became popular and we tried to learn the techniques however we could by our own means.

Venezuela somewhat has adapted their traditions and culture from the Europeans. This is where we got most of our beauty trends as well. Most of the products we used and the techniques we learned in our training were from places like Spain and Italy. They were still old and dated Designtechniques, since all of our education was based on our textbook, which wasn’t always up to date.

No matter where you study, educating yourself is always a worthwhile experience.

Once I came to the U.S., I found that studying here was definitely more enriching and more nourishing! In school, we had the chance to visit other salons and businesses so we could have a more clear idea of what to expect when we graduated and started salons of our own. Also, one of the things that I value the most from school was how detailed and clear they were about sterilization and the importance of having a clean workstation, something that was not always emphasized in my training in Venezuela.

Both experiences were great and I can say I learnt a lot from the two of them. No matter where you study, educating yourself is always a worthwhile experience and the mix of education and experience I gained from both countries as shaped me into the artist and businesswoman I am today!