2022 Makeup Trends

Limitless possibilities with these new looks


After a year of hiding behind masks and staying indoors, most of the world is back up and open, ready to glam up and hit the town. That means that makeup is back in demand, and 2022 will be the boldest year yet. Below, we’ve gathered up 7 of the hottest trends hitting the scenes in 2022, helping you create looks your clients will love.

Skin Tints

If there is one thing that glamour lovers learned during the pandemic it was the power of real skin. Thus comes one of the trendiest of trends, barely-there skin tints. Letting skin shine through and giving it a healthy glow is the talk of the town and sure to be at the top of your most requested makeup looks.

Pro Tip: When executing this look, a well-prepped face is key. Be sure to have smooth moisturizers and primers on deck to give your clients a smooth look. And don’t forget to keep them in stock!

Be prepared to use glitter in many of your looks, even if it’s just a subtle hint right in the middle of the eyelid.

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Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

Not everything is being kept to a minimum, with glitter making a star-studded comeback in 2022. Some of the hottest catwalks of the season were filled with models rocking glittery eye looks, featuring both bold colors and traditional hues like gold and silver. Be prepared to use glitter in many of your looks, even if it’s just a subtle hint right in the middle of the eyelid.

Dark Lined Lips

We’ve seen lined lips for a while now, though 2022’s version is going to feel like a blast from the past. We’re talking about the 90’s inspired nude-lip-dark-lined duo, which is popping up in the most fashionable cities on the globe. Though it’s the traditional color combo that’s sure to be the hottest, play it up with new color combos for a fun update to an always popular makeup trend.

Fun Winged Eyeliner

From sharp wings to subtle wings and unique never-before-seen designs, 2022 is going to be the year of eyeliner. Lined eyes were seen in many fall fashion shows, some of them featuring bold designs that feature graphics instead of lines. While we might not see too many of those off the runway, you’re sure to see clients begging for crafty winged liner.

Statement Blush

In the past few years, we’ve seen statement eyes and statement lips, though we haven’t seen too many statement blush looks. 2022 is changing that, with bold colors on the cheeks that make any skin tone pop. Among the hottest requested bold blush looks is a purple hue. Though it might be too early to call, we definitely think that, in 2022, purple will be the new pink (you’ll see!).

Disco Brows

Brow trends are blowing up, some of them way off the beaten path. While you won’t find too many requests for strange designs (yet), you will likely get requests for the prettiest brow trend, disco brows. It’s not just about having the perfect shape anymore but adding a unique twist that makes them the features on the face. Disco brows take the soap brow trend and add a bit of pigment, creating a sheen that spices up any makeup look.

One Stick Show

Not everyone has time to sit and create looks for hours, leading glamazons to search for something more manageable. 2022 is sure to explode with all new sticks, featuring sets for the whole face or one that can do it all. We’ve already seen many sticks out that promise to add the perfect tint to eyes, lips, and cheeks, and are sure to find more as we ring in the new year.

Upsell Tip: Show your client how easy it can be to create a beautiful look with just one stick. As you add it to different areas, show them how placement works and how they can use fingers and tools to create a flawless look that looks like it took lots of time and skill to execute.

Don’t Forget to Let Your Creativity Shine

Above all, 2022 is going to be a year full of self-expression and promoting confidence in oneself. Be sure to work with your client’s style and add unique touches of your own to create a look like no other.


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