Winter Beauty Trends

Forecasting trends for cold weather makeup

Halloween, Christmas, New Years – these are the hallmark celebrations of the winter season. Gore, joy and glamour are the best words to describe these holidays. And so, it is only fitting that this winter’s makeup trends can also be described as spooky, glamorous and artful. Created for their corresponding runway looks, these fashion week makeup creations are your go-to for embracing spooky weather and sparkling winter scenes.

Ranging from wearable dewy skin with bronzer and smudged eyeliner, to what some would call full-on face paint, this winter’s looks cover all the bases. Here is a breakdown of Winter 2019’s most memorable makeup trends:

Face Makeup

Makeup goes avant-garde this winter. On the runway, models’ faces were decorated with splashes of paint around the eyes, on the cheekbones, and on the forehead. Rainbow colors, metallic shimmers and rubber-textured tones were among some of the selections made by this season’s trend-setting makeup artists.

Make this look more wearable by blending colorful eyeshadow just slightly higher on the brow bone and outer corners of the eye for a feathered out look. Blush can also be applied to the high cheek bones and temples.

Go Bare

Barely-makeup on the runway this season took “no-makeup-makeup” to another level. This runway classic enhanced models’ features without disrupting their individual features. This look was achieved with a touch of concealer, lip balm and mascara.

Make this look more wearable by blending a feather-light foundation with a natural finish all over the client’s skin to increase their confidence when trying to go bare. Apply under eye concealer only where needed to cover dark circles. Large triangles of thick concealer under the eye do not belong this season. Instagram makeup artists – beware!

Ultra Blush

This season’s most youthful trend? Overdosing on blush! Purity, youthfulness and joy inspired this over-indulgent blush trend. Models sported that winter flush, minus the frostbite. Red toned blushes were applied all over the cheek, nose and temples for an exaggerated look.

Make this look more wearable by choosing a medium pink blush with neutral undertones to mimic that winter wind-chap. Apply to the cheeks, nose and temples for an all-over glow, while keeping eye makeup minimal. Match the blush with a just-bitten lip stain to complete the look.

Bad to the Bronze

Bronze goddesses should not be left behind along with bikinis and sun tans. This winter, the runways gave bronze a new lease on life. Liberal applications of cream and shimmery bronzers are warming up this winter. Used as a “brontour,” bronzer was applied lower than normal application of blush for a sculpted, monochromatic look.

Make this look more wearable by skipping blush and going straight in with warm-toned bronzers all over. Keep eye makeup minimal by blending the same bronzer through the crease for a monochromatic look.

Wet Skin Look

Dewy skin is always in, especially during the winter months when skin prefers to be dry and dull. On the runways, glossy cheeks gave the illusion of overly moisturized skin. Shimmery cream highlighters on the cheekbones, temples and lids made models appear as they were in a humid environment, rather than cold, windy winter air.

Make this look more wearable by using powder highlighters for a long-lasting finish. Apply highlight to the apple and highpoints of the cheek, temples and lids for an overall shimmery finish. Apply a translucent powder through the T-zone to ensure clients don’t get overly oily throughout the day.

Go for the Glitter

Winter is the perfect season to experiment with glitter, as clients tend to choose more black and neutral clothing to keep warm. On the runway, full-coverage glitter eyelids gave off party-girl vibes. With chunky glitter applied on the lids and under eyes, this messy “cool girl” look is perfect for New Years.

Make this look more wearable by packing on gold or silver glitter to the inner corner of the eyes for a pop of sparkle. Don’t forget to use a glitter primer or sticky base to ensure your client’s look likes through hours of champagne toasts!

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