What is Speed Waxing

Perfecting Your Technique for Better Results

Have you ever heard of Speed Waxing? If you are a waxing professional, you probably have. But do you know exactly what it is? Waxing is more than waxing quickly, it is about perfecting specific techniques and waxing with ease.

Speed waxing is many things. It is waxing without making a mess, in your space and on the client. It is waxing with ease, being proficient in your techniques so you do not waste time fumbling around the client. It is repeating certain techniques so that you are not stopping and starting the application and removal process as often. And it is the ability to do all of these things while still making the client’s comfort your number one priority.

Sound easy? Yeah, it’s not. So let’s break it down step by step to help you understand how speed waxing will improve your waxing business.


Let’s look first at not making a mess. The last thing you want to do is drip wax all over your table, the floor and your client. Learning how to move wax from the pot to your client seems like a simple thing to do. But unless you have good technique, you will end up making a mess as the wax drips and drops all over the place.

One technique to move the wax quickly and cleanly is called The Twirl. It is an easy way to get wax from the wax pot to your client without losing any wax along the way.


Speed Waxing is about waxing with ease, which means you have to be very, very good at your waxing procedures. Do you have a good foundation of techniques? Does your body move comfortably through the application and removal process without hesitation? Or are you reminding yourself throughout the waxing service what to do next – or how to do this technique or that technique – because you are not yet confident enough in your skills? Until you can perform waxing basics efficiently and confidently, you will never wax with speed because you will be too worried about what to do during the service.

One technique you must master is Pulling The Strip. If you do this wrong, not only will you hurt the client, but also the hair will not be removed properly, which means more time correcting a mistake during the service.


Next, we will talk about how to save time by doing certain waxing moves in a row. Part of Speed Waxing is repeating certain tasks to save time. For example, laying down multiple rows of wax, one after the other, before removing the wax with the strip. Or, covering the entire front of the lower leg with wax before removing the wax. When you do this, you do not have to switch between tasks as often, so you will be saving time.

If you put down multiple rows of wax before removing them, you can then remove those rows one after the other as well, with the same strip. This way, you are not applying one row, then removing one row – stopping the wax application, starting the wax removal. You are doing more of one task, followed by more of the other.


But this requires more than just skill. It requires a wax that will not harden too quickly, a larger wax applicator to move more wax to the client quickly and a client who has very little reaction to waxing. You would not want to perform this on a first time client or a sensitive waxing client because you will never see them again. This is only for clients who are regular waxers and do not get welts, redness, puffiness, etc. So do this with caution.


Speaking of the client, your job is not only to remove the hair quickly and efficiently, but also to keep your client comfortable during the service. And that means you need to have mastered basic waxing techniques that help to keep the pain of the service to a minimum. You also need to know exactly how to address negative reactions immediately to help calm their skin and keep your client relaxed.


Keeping your body comfortable during the service is just as important for a quick, efficient wax as keeping your client comfortable. Do you know how to properly stand or how high your bed should be to be easy on your body during the service? You can’t wax well if you are fighting your own pain.

There you have it! A little lesson on Speed Waxing. Remember, until you have mastered all of the basic waxing techniques, your speed will never improve. So practice, practice, practice! And in no time you will be confident and in demand!