Vajacials En Vogue

From to add-on to trending treat


The Vajacial has been around for over a decade. What was once thought of as a novelty is now a must-have treatment. Over the past couple of years, intimate care has been surging in popularity. Vajacials are trending on social media, in beauty magazines, and on influencer blogs. If you haven’t yet added Vajacials to your service menu, now is the perfect time to get on board!

A Vajacial, also known as a bikini facial, is exactly what you would image this treatment to be: an intimate area facial focusing on the Mons pubis (pubic mound) and bikini line. Depending on treatment goals and product choice, outer labia and inner thighs can be a part of the treatment. This is where you can get creative and have fun with treatment ideas, adding these to your service menu.  You have the ability to offer a variety of Vajacial service options for your clients to choose or design a customized Vajacial and treatment plan.

What was once thought of as a novelty is now a must-have treatment..

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Different treatment types include an Illuminating Vajacial, an Ingrown Hair Help! Vajacial, or a Restorative and Hydrating Vajacial. You can even come up with add-ons to your Vajacial treatments – and get creative! For example, you can add high frequency, LED therapy, CBD, specialty sheet masks for the mons pubis and the bum, customized results-driven serums, and gentle brightening peels. Consider selling these in packages of three.

Calming jelly masks are a great way to introduce your clients to intimate care post-Brazilian Wax. Always choose jelly masks, and all Vajacial products, that are safe and gentle for the intimate areas of the body.

As humans, we are naturally curious beings. Your clients are curious about trending treatments and if these treatments will help with their concerns. This could be anything from treating ingrown hairs to addressing dry skin or hyperpigmentation.  As a licensed skincare professional, it is vital to educate your clients about the importance of consistent professional treatments, as well as the homecare regimen you have created for their treatment plan. This is key to successful results!

Pre-booking is a tried and true way to guarantee your clients stay on a schedule and are always coming back to you. Pre-book the Vajacial  two weeks out, and book their next Brazilian two weeks post-Vajacial. This is a great way to start a treatment plan and build a professional and trusting relationship with your clients.

Trending treatments can transform your waxing business by taking your service menu to the next level. Setting yourself apart from the pack by offering your own spin on current trending treatments will pique interest and increase demand for your services, which will, in turn, increase your revenue. Today’s clients are looking for the latest and greatest treatments, whether it is to pamper themselves or to see positive results for their concerns. Everyone is eager to up their self-care game and be a part of the latest trend. FOMO – no one wants to miss out! They want to be the first in their circle of friends to have a Vajacial and share all the deets!