Vajacials En Vogue

From to add-on to trending treat


The Vajacial has been around for over a decade. What was once thought of as a novelty is now a must-have treatment. Over the past couple of years, intimate care has been surging in popularity. Vajacials are trending on social media, in beauty magazines, and on influencer blogs. If you haven’t yet added Vajacials to your service menu, now is the perfect time to get on board!

A Vajacial, also known as a bikini facial, is exactly what you would image this treatment to be: an intimate area facial focusing on the Mons pubis (pubic mound) and bikini line. Depending on treatment goals and product choice, outer labia and inner thighs can be a part of the treatment. This is where you can get creative and have fun with treatment ideas, adding these to your service menu.  You have the ability to offer a variety of Vajacial service options for your clients to choose or design a customized Vajacial and treatment plan.

What was once thought of as a novelty is now a must-have treatment..


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Blair Harris