Uplevel Your Body Care Treatments

Three ways to enhance your clients’ body treatments and maximize revenue


Spa owners and managers face the ongoing pressures of staying current with industry trends and increasing revenue. Finding ways to freshen up your spa and wellness offerings regularly can help you meet both of those challenges head-on.

Prepare with a Focus on Exfoliation

There is a valuable food for thought in what Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”

Preparation is critical for success in all business endeavors. Enhancing body treatments is no exception.

As you know, exfoliation is the key to a good foundation within the skin. As we age, cell turnover rate rapidly declines, collagen production decreases, and dead skin cells accumulate. These changes cause fine lines and wrinkles. Regular exfoliation helps to lessen the effects aging has on the skin.

Add-on services help generate additional revenue for your spa. They also add a splash of creativity and uniqueness to your treatments.

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Prepare to begin body treatments with exfoliation. One of the most important steps in skincare, exfoliation, loosens and removes corneocytes (the upper-most cells in the epidermis) and reveals softer, glowing, and refreshed skin. It also improves topical products’ effectiveness, such as serums, creams, masks, and CBD products. By removing the top layer of skin, exfoliation allows products to penetrate more deeply.

By making exfoliation a priority, never shortcutting best practices, you’ll see optimal spa treatment results and deliver the exceptional spa experience every client deserves.

Add Intrigue with Add-Ons

Add-on services help generate additional revenue for your spa. They also add a splash of creativity and uniqueness to your treatments. The options are nearly limitless! Add-ons need not be expensive for you or your clientele. Of course, your pricing will depend on your location and customer base. Generally, based on what my company’s spa partners have told me, I believe add-ons that cost guests less than $25.00 stand the most chance of sales success.

Consider incorporating add-ons such as:

  • Herbal poultices
  • Hand and foot treatments
  • Hot or cold stone and crystal treatments
  • Eye masks to reduce fine lines and edema
  • Hot oil scalp massages
  • A relaxing cup of herbal hemp tea

Also, cannabinoid therapy, through CBD products, is something spas are successfully incorporating into their add-on treatments (for example, a CBD hand and foot treatment offered during a body wrap or a hot oil scalp massage with CBD oil during a Swedish massage).

Give a Gift with Your Guest’s Purchase

Another creative way to enhance body treatments is to give a gift with purchase (GWP). GWP is an excellent tool for attracting new clients and deepening loyalty with existing guests.

I’ve found that one-ounce travel-size products tend to yield the best outcomes in increased customer satisfaction and revenue. Consider offering an add-on treatment that includes a small-sized product that can be used within the treatment, with the remaining product sent home with the client. This strategy has been especially successful with treatments that include cannabinoid therapy.

For example:

  • Sending the remaining portion or a sample size of CBD massage oil home with a guest after doing a CBD hot stone foot massage during a body wrap.
  • Sending the remaining portion or a sample size of a topical CBD lotion that you’ve used on trigger points doing a deep tissue massage.

GWS can work well with many different treatments, including body scrubs, body wraps, massages, manicures, and pedicures. By giving guests a little take-home surprise that allows them to try products at home, you can not only increase their loyalty but also drive more retail sales for your spa.

A Note About Taking It Up a Notch

Absolutely vital before adding new elements to your treatment menu is to ensure your spa staff is well-versed in both the protocols and products associated with them. With proper education and training, they will optimize the effectiveness and appeal of your fresh, new offerings and enhancements.