Top Tips for 2023

Pointers for a successful year


Whether you are an owner or employee, understanding the business fundamentals of spas and salons is a key component of success. While we have touched on many of these topics previously, here are our top 15 tips to put you on the path to success this year – all in one place! Read on to discover how to make 2023 your business’s best year yet! 

Plan it out

Most people wouldn’t embark on a road trip without a map! Whether you have a detailed business strategy or a more general outline, having a document you can refer back to any time you are in need of guidance is essential. 

Staying on top of the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies regarding your offerings is critical.

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Know your goal

What does success mean to you? There are so many different ways to answer this question, but you must have a clear idea of what you want your business to achieve. When you have a goal you are working toward every day, positive results are likely to follow. 

Keep your customers close…

Survey the local area to determine your customer base. Identifying their wants, needs, and budget so you can offer services targeted specifically for these demographics.  

 …And your competitors closer

Savvy business owners are very familiar with their competition. Knowing what other spas and salons are offering can reveal what works, what doesn’t, and ways you can set your business apart from the pack.  

Understand profits vs. sales

Certain services may sell well but drain time and resources. It can take some trial and error but pay attention to what produces the biggest return on investment. A pared-down menu of in-demand express services, plus a carefully curated retail line, could be just the ticket. There’s no need to try to offer every product and service under the sun!

Hire problem-solvers

In a perfect world, all of your employees would have just as much passion for your business as you do. While that’s not always possible, try to find motivated employees via recommendations or even develop some screening questions that will bring in experienced staff who deliver a high-quality customer experience. Be sure to keep them inspired to bring their A game!

Keep standards high 

Employee training, on both an initial and ongoing basis, is key to making sure each customer receives the same level of service on every visit. Frequent education on the latest trends and techniques is also crucial. 

Choose the right scheduling software

Using a software system for appointment scheduling bas many benefits, including fewer errors and more time for staff to focus on other areas of your business. There are tons of options out there, with many offering free trials so you can find your perfect fit! 

Education is continuous

Staying on top of the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies regarding your offerings is critical. Make it a point to always be learning! There are so many ways to stay educated, from online courses to trade shows to industry retreats. 

Create an ambient atmosphere

A warm, inviting space tells clients this is somewhere they want to be! Creating the right vibe doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune, just be sure everything is tidy and cozy at all times. Great aromatherapy is a must!

Be your own publicist

Don’t be shy! Call up local and regional media outlets, explain why your spa or salon is unique, and let them know you’d love to be featured. You’ll be surprised how many outlets are looking for content and will say “yes!” Plus, as opposed to advertising, publicity doesn’t cost a dime. 

ID your brand

How do you want your clients to feel when they think of your business? A brand identity is what creates that feeling you are aiming for. A modern, attractive logo, color palette, print material, and even a signature scent all serve to evoke positive association for your brand. 

Use your marketing toolbox

The list of available marketing tactics is expansive. Integrated, up-to-date social media channels that are a must, along with email campaigns, promotional events, and strong online reviews. Utilize all the tools you can and mix it up often! 

Outside the box hours

Many business owners are inclined to operate during traditional business hours. However, that leaves many potential customers with traditional 9-to-5 jobs unable to visit. If possible, consider opening a little earlier in the morning, or staying open for a few more hours in the evening, to attract these clients.  

Take stock

Take a good, hard look at all aspects of your business at least once per quarter. Knowing the good, the bad, and the ugly – and even asking for input from your employees – can help you make informed adjustments to stay on course toward your goals. 


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