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Together We Rise

Emerging stronger post COVID-19

COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the professional beauty industry. Having to shut doors and cease providing services was not something many would have seen coming. In a matter of minutes, livelihoods were lost, and the future became unknown. We can all likely agree that COVID-19 has changed the world. However, that change is offering the opportunity of a lifetime for the professional beauty industry. Post COVID-19, there will be a new normal. Like the aftermath of a house fire, things may seem bleak now. But like winter turns to spring, the post-pandemic era will have a period of rebirth.

The professional beauty market has the opportunity to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and emerge from the catastrophe caused by COVID-19 to become stronger, smarter, and more powerful. Reopening after COVID-19 should not be thought of as a hardship. This is an opportunity to show strength and perseverance. This is an opportunity to rebrand and rebuild who you are and show your clients just how much you care about their health.

Infection prevention is not new to the professional beauty industry. Regulations and guidelines for opening and running a business have been in place for some time. Public Health or other Governmental Inspectors audit your facilities to determine if you are conducting yourselves appropriately, and verify that the treatments you provide your clients will not do them harm.

The public, your clients, have learned more during the pandemic about infection control than they knew previously. We all clean at home. We all wash our hands, albeit with varying levels of frequency and efficacy. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how infections are transmitted. People are concerned with touching public surfaces, and your clients have become more aware of their surroundings.

This is where you, like the phoenix, can rise above the flames and chaos.


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Nicole Kenny

Nicole Kenny has 20 years of experience as a technical consultant, educator, trainer and author working in the field of environmental science, environmental hygiene and chemical disinfection for infection prevention. She is the Vice President of Technology Platform Marketing at Virox Technologies Inc., and has been involved in a number of guideline committees including the CSA Decontamination Subcommittee, and is currently a member of IPAC-Canada's Corporate Relations Committee and IPACCanada's Scientific Program Committee. In 2014, Nicole was named one of Infection Control Today's "Who's Who in the Infection Prevention Industry".