Themed Skincare Programs

Increase bookings and retail sales with these program ideas


The beginning of the year is the perfect time for spas and estheticians to revamp their service menus. New faces are coming in after the holidays, and returning clients are looking to stay more consistent with their beauty regimens. A perfect way to appeal to both of these groups is to start offering skincare programs to your clients! A skincare program is a series of facials or treatments meant to achieve a particular skincare goal, and they can benefit your spa just as much as they benefit your clients. Including a series of skincare services priced as a bundle is an amazing way to encourage steady after the dreaded post-holiday lull.

Education is Key
A skincare program can benefit every single guest entering your spa, especially those with specific goals they’ve been working towards. A consistent series of treatments will keep them on a steady schedule, leading to quicker results compared to more sporadic visits. Not only will your clients see the results they want, but you will also have guaranteed bookings on your schedule!

A skincare program is a series of facials or treatments meant to achieve a particular skincare goal, and they can benefit your spa just as much as they benefit your clients.

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It’s helpful to explain to your guests how the consistency produced from these programs will lead them to their best skin. Many spas incentivize these programs by offering a discount for purchasing multiple treatments at once. Be sure to make clear exactly why it’s an excellent deal for your clients by showing them how much money they will save per treatment compared to purchasing them individually.

This is true largely for your most loyal clients. If they are regularly seeing you once a month already, they will be eager to simplify the booking process and capitalize on that discount.

Look at Your Clientele
Pay attention to the concerns you hear from your client base. If a majority of your clients fret about the signs of aging, you’d profit by creating an aging program. Or if you notice most clients requesting help with acne, offer a series of services targeted to that concern. If you’ve got clients of all ages, construct multiple programs!

You can even offer seasonal packages that cater to weather-dependent skin changes. This appeals to a broader range of clients, as most people experience new concerns about their skin during weather shifts. A balancing program for the transitional spring and fall months, a more intensive program with deeper treatments like chemical peels for the winter, and a hydrating or brightening program for the summer are fantastic examples of the many options you can include in your spa service menu.

Alternate Treatments Programs are a great way to get creative and let your new or under-performing services gain recognition. Alternating between facials, chemical peels, and other more intensive treatments makes the program more effective and intriguing. This is an opportunity to introduce services to your client that they may not have considered getting before. Your clients will see this as a great deal, and it will likely encourage them to spice up their visits with more variety in the future.

Offering a variety of treatments in your programs will also prevent your client’s progress from stagnating due to their skin growing too accustomed to a certain facial. Switching things up promotes improvement by keeping things evolving with new products and techniques.

Easy Booking
These skincare programs can majorly simplify booking for your clients. They will be able to identify their skin concern on a program and immediately plan their next few months with you with one purchase. This takes away the hassle of planning when and what their next service will be after every visit.

These bundles also make for fantastic gifts! The majority of people know someone in their life obsessed with skincare. Package deals make it easier for the gifter to pick an option that will keep the recipient happy for months to come without breaking the bank.

Retail Boost
Consider creating skincare product packages to go along with your skincare programs. Curating a system of products to be purchased alongside a specific program will garner even better results for your clients! This guarantees that their at-home skincare routine will match the standard of the treatments they receive with you. An aging product package, acne product package, or brightening skincare package are all examples of ways to link retail with your services.

Not only will your clients notice quicker results, but you will profit even more from promoting this system-within-a-system. Happy clients, full books, and better retail sales are all reasons to think about including skincare programs in your spa. It’s a way for you to think outside of the box, and a way to enrich your clients’ experience. They are easy to create, and will likely bring more money and clients into your business!


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