The Suite Life

Is a salon suite right for you?


With the rise of the “be your own boss” concept, salon suites are gaining popularity faster than ever before. A salon suite is a boutique salon concept where you pay to rent your private, individual unit and run your own business within a larger community space. This set up can work well for just about any beauty industry professional, including estheticians, waxers, massage therapists, and brow, lash, and permanent makeup artists.   

While running the show may sound great, when you rent a salon suite, you are making the big decision to operate your own business.

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While running the show may sound great, when you rent a salon suite, you are making the big decision to operate your own business, which is not for everyone and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here, we break down the pros and cons of salon suites. 


• 100 percent control. You are in charge of all aspects of your business and set your own rules for how things should be done. 

• Income is higher than working in a salon or spa. You get to keep all of your earnings and set the pricing for your services. 

• Work when you want to. You can set your own hours and are able accommodate clients’ busy schedules, if you choose.

• No “office politics.” While many enjoy the camaraderie of the workplace, others were made to go solo. 

• More control over who your clients are. The decision of who to work with is all yours. 

• Privacy and personal connection with your clients. Many clients prefer a private environment for their treatments, which also allows you one-on-one time to bond.

• This is your own brand. Everything from your business name, look, and feel to your décor, music, and even scent is up to you. 

• You can choose your own product lines, selecting those you believe in which align with your ethos and brand. 


• You must market yourself. You are responsible for your own marketing, and solely bear the burden of spreading the word to grow your business. 

• Increased responsibility. You will have to handle more duties than just the services and treatments you provide, including cleaning, laundry, and product inventory.

• Running your own business is invariably more time consuming than being employed by someone else. Be sure to factor extra time into your schedule for additional tasks. 

• No receptionist to handle scheduling. Unlike most salons and spas, there will not be a receptionist to arrange the appointments. You will have to field the calls and online inquiries and keep an organized schedule. 

• Establishing a clientele. While salons and spas have a built-in client base, when you go it alone you are responsible for building and maintaining your own client roster. 

• Little foot traffic. Salon suites do not generate the same amount of walk-in clients as salons and spas. Plan accordingly to meet your revenue goals based on your set appointments and consider any foot traffic you get to be 

• icing on the cake. 

• Compliance is key. Be sure to research local and state requirements for your business name and license, sales tax license, and salon insurance.

• Purchasing inventory. If you plan to sell products through your business, you will need to buy the stock, as well as pay any applicable sales tax. 

If you feel ready to look for your own space, there are other factors to consider in addition to these pros and cons. While searching for a salon suite, make a list of your “must have” amenities, which may include the following: included utilities, Wi-Fi, specific lighting, storage and shelving, sink(s), on-site restrooms, on-site laundry, an ATM, complimentary refreshments, and whether the salon suite management invests in any general marketing or promotion efforts.

If you are still nervous about taking the plunge, consider sharing the salon suite with another professional, splitting costs like rent and products. This may involve setting up a suite with two work stations or rotating working hours with each other. As you can see, there is a lot to consider when renting a salon suite but for many industry professionals, it can be a perfect fit.