The Power of Podcasting

Using your voice to build your brand


Over the past decade it has become apparent that any business which aims to set itself above the competition would be wise to consider how impactful video and audio podcasting can be.

Podcasting in both audio and video form creates a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, iconic brands and celebrity beauty influencers to create their own little world to an algorithmically scaled audience with their chosen message, product, or offering.

The sky is the limit on what your messaging can be, with topics ranging from skincare science, men’s grooming, new product reviews or “unboxings” and beauty diversity and inclusivity, to clean beauty and industry insights that delve into the current trends, innovations, and ideas to grow your business.

“Podcasting in both audio and video form creates a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, iconic brands and celebrity beauty influencers to create their own little world with their chosen message, product, or offering”

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Imagine you just opened in a salon suite and want to broadcast that you are open and ready to bring it on. How can starting a podcast impact your business? This can happen in many ways! First, virtually everyone today has access to these broadcasting channels, which reduces the barrier to entry to zero, with the upside being practically infinite to who can find you. Second, any person or business has the unique ability to set themselves up as an expert or leader in their field simply by talking about it!

Creating a locally based community or industry-based podcast which discusses ideas, product reviews, and business tips and tricks with either just yourself or hosting a likeminded guest and interviewing them on topics of interest right away will set you up with leverage and recognition of being someone “in the know.” The biggest opportunity here is that just by taking the time and effort to talk about things that you love and are relevant to your niche in the beauty industry, when others search these topics, you will have the ability to reach more people. As a result, you or your company would then build awareness in your specific area, region, or niche through the networks generated by exponentially compounding connections. This will greatly contribute to setting yourself up as a top leader and the space to come to that delivers impact for the industry. Consistently providing valuable content can help you gain credibility and trust from your listeners which will help you to build a community that appreciates what you have to offer.

Podcasting can be a documentation of your personal growth in your beauty industry niche. It can serve as a valuable timeline of your experiences and can inspire others on similar paths. It can boost your confidence, your public speaking skills, and your communication abilities as you become more comfortable behind the mic, and while not guaranteed, successful podcasts can generate income through sponsorships, advertising, merchandise sales, or even listener support platforms like Pattern, where they pay a monthly fee to join in on your private or VIP conversations and experiences exclusively curated just for members.

There is discipline in starting your own podcast. You have to make sure to be consistent as you want your audience to know that they can depend on you weekly for updates. This might seem slow going at first with little to no views, but it is advised to push on because it could only take one hot topic episode that you may be the first at talking about that could make your channel go viral!

Regardless of the numbers and the statistics of who is initially viewing or listening to your podcast, the impact on your followers should be pursued with aligning ethics and good intentions. The fact of the matter is that even in a virtual or digital space, what we put out matters, and you want to be proud of your contributions for years to come. Collaboration with others is equal to inspiration. Be a beacon for your industry, your team, or your company! Talk about topics that ignite curiosity, but don’t necessarily create division. Enjoy building your unique audience. It may take some time to see meaningful results, but the journey itself can be rewarding!


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