The Magic of Brown Lashes

How they can help you change the shape of eyes


The eyelash extension industry has shown very high quality and rapid growth. From an ordinary procedure, it has become a real art in the beauty industry. Eyelash extensions not only extend the client’s eyelashes but also help solve many aesthetic problems.

A professional lash artist’s main task is to harmonize the client’s appearance using eyelash design techniques. But what does eyelash design even mean? Eyelash design is a mix of different curves, lengths, volumes, and shades of artificial eyelashes, which helps create an individual lash map that perfectly matches the client’s appearance and creates an unforgettable look.


Let’s focus on the different shades of color eyelashes. Although eyelash design techniques are applicable to any color, let’s talk about traditional black eyelash extension set with the addition of several shades of brown eyelashes.

Playing with shades is a powerful design tool.

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Multicolor and brown eyelashes cannot be separated from the general eyelash design techniques. Playing with shades is a powerful design tool. Do you remember contouring in makeup? Makeup artists can achieve a radical change in appearance using it. It’s all the same with eyelash extensions.


Now let’s find out everything about the types of brown eyelashes.

On the market, brown eyelashes are presented in different shades, from latte to dark chocolate. There are warmer shades and cooler ones, which differ in the amount of red and green pigments in them.

You can try an easy experiment: take red and green paints and mix them in different proportions, and you will get completely different shades of brown color.

This is all very important in deciding which shade of brown you will use on your client. For example, using warm shades on a client with a tendency of reddening will only make the problem worse.

To use brown eyelashes as a design tool, you need to have several shades of them. So, how do you mix different shades of brown and black eyelashes with each other?

The main magic of coloristics are all of the possibilities of mixing different shades of brown and black eyelashes. Through the play of colors, we can achieve interesting transitions and highlight accents. There are a few ways to mix different shades. Here are some examples!


Problem: Too narrow, long eyes.

Solution: It is necessary to open the gaze, make the eyes more open, and round the shape. We need two shades of brown eyelashes (dark chocolate and cappuccino or others) and black eyelashes.

For a round effect, the outer and inner corners start with small lengths. The maximum length is in the middle of the eye.

Coloristics: We must use two techniques at the same time.

1) Horizontal gradient technique: we work from the corners of the eye to the middle – from light brown, gradually turning into dark chocolate, and then black in the middle.

2) Vertical gradient technique: we work only in the middle of the eye, and we make the bottom row in a lighter shade. As a result, the eye opens.


Problem: Sad eyes (drooping outer corners of the eyes).

Solution: It is necessary to raise the outer corners. Therefore, we need two shades of brown eyelashes and black. Then, we create the «squirrel» effect where the maximum length is slightly offset from the middle of the eye.

Coloristics: In the area of the outer corner, the horizontal gradient technique is applied only on the lower row of eyelashes. From the lightest shade of brown (cappuccino), we go into the darker shade (dark chocolate) and black, which is located in the zone of maximum length. As a result, the shape of the eyes is close to almond-shaped, and the eyes no longer look sad!