The M Curl

Everything You Need to Know

As a lash artist, you may have heard of the M curl, the new star of the eyelash extension industry! It’s been getting a ton of buzz (and rightfully so!) and we anticipate it’s here to stay. Whether you’re already working with it or not, it is important to understand what exactly makes the M curl so special and how it can best be styled. Keep reading to learn more about it, as well as tips for incorporating it into your own practice!
So, what IS the M curl?

The M curl is the latest offering from lash extension companies across the globe. It offers the perfect combination of some of the most popular curls in the industry today.

The Base: The M curl begins with a straight base, similar to that of an L or L+ curl. Unlike these curls, however, the M has a softer (read: rounder) transition from the base to the midsection.

Lash artists with all levels of experience can benefit from this curl.


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Erin Soletski

Erin Soletski is co-founder of LashBeePro, an eyelash extension training and products company with a focus on natural beauty, quality, and innovation. LashBeePro’s mission is to equip and empower lash artists to bring more beauty into the world. Erin also co-owns LashBee, a multi-award winning lash and brow studio in downtown Philadelphia. Prior to opening LashBee, she received her MBA from the Wharton School of Business after years working in consulting, supply chain, and operations. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and beauty professionals.