The M Curl

Everything You Need to Know

As a lash artist, you may have heard of the M curl, the new star of the eyelash extension industry! It’s been getting a ton of buzz (and rightfully so!) and we anticipate it’s here to stay. Whether you’re already working with it or not, it is important to understand what exactly makes the M curl so special and how it can best be styled. Keep reading to learn more about it, as well as tips for incorporating it into your own practice!
So, what IS the M curl?

The M curl is the latest offering from lash extension companies across the globe. It offers the perfect combination of some of the most popular curls in the industry today.

The Base: The M curl begins with a straight base, similar to that of an L or L+ curl. Unlike these curls, however, the M has a softer (read: rounder) transition from the base to the midsection.

Lash artists with all levels of experience can benefit from this curl.

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The Midsection: The midsection of the lash is most similar to that of a C or CC curl, providing a beautiful lift and the glamour of a lash curler.

The Tip: The top third of the M straightens out slightly, rather than continuing to curl back toward the lid as a C or CC curl does. While not as sharp as a true L curl, the relaxed tip does provide a sharper effect than typical curls.

Confused? Not to worry – check out the diagram to see exactly how these curls compare. Individually, the differences are subtle, but when applied across the lash line, the M makes quite an impact!

How is the M curl used best?

The M curl is quite versatile and looks gorgeous on most eye shapes and lash types. It works especially well for clients with:

• Straight natural lashes: The M curl’s straight base aligns perfectly with straight natural lashes, maximizing the bonding area between the two. More bonding area typically means better retention!

• Hooded or deep-set eyes: Again, the M curl’s straight base comes to the rescue! By extending straight out before curling up, the M pushes out past excess skin and prominent brow bones. The result? A more comfortable lash that doesn’t tickle your clients’ skin.

• The desire for a bit more OOMPH: With its oh-so-slightly curled tip, the M adds the perfect amount of drama for those clients who always want just a little bit more. With layering and an emphasis area just past the outer side of the iris, the M curl can help you achieve the fox eye styling that’s so popular right now.

Don’t limit yourself to these clients or styles, though! Experiment with using the M curl on different eye shapes and with a variety of lash maps.

Lash artists with all levels of experience can benefit from this curl as it looks beautiful in all types of lash sets – from classic to mega volume! Even better, it mixes beautifully with C and CC curls to give your clients extra texture and dimension throughout the lash line. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use several lengths and curls in a single section to turn up the impact even more.

When should you not use the M curl?

The M curl is not recommended for clients who have extremely downward-pointing natural lashes as the straighter base tends to emphasize the downward direction. Rather than lifting and opening the eye up, the M curl can actually make these clients appear to have smaller eyes. In addition, the M curl’s straight base will be more likely to tangle in these clients’ bottom lashes, particularly as they grow out.

Incorporating the M Curl Into Your Practice

As with all new offerings, a bit of effort is required to seamlessly integrate the M curl into your existing business. Though beautiful, the M curl can be difficult to accurately describe to clients. Sharing photos of the curl on real people will be extremely helpful when offering it up as an option. Consider asking a friend or colleague to serve as a model for a full set using only M curl lashes, then take plenty of photos from various angles to incorporate into your lookbook and social media.

Get clients excited by chatting up your new curl option at their next appointments. Show them this curl comparison diagram so they can see just how unique it is. Or better yet, create your own version using real lashes for clients to touch and feel. Soon you’ll have clients asking for the M curl by name!

Lastly, as with the L and L+ curls, some artists find the M curl slightly more difficult to fan. If you are a volume artist, alleviate unnecessary pressure by practicing fanning before you book your first appointments with paying clients.

The lash industry is constantly evolving; incorporating the M curl will help you stay at the forefront. More importantly, have fun exploring the numerous possibilities this curl can provide!