The Home-Based Esthetician

Home-treatment room tips for solo estheticians


Many estheticians dream about becoming their own boss one day. From booth renting to offering traveling services, or even opening a home studio, there are many ways to make that dream a reality. While it’s overwhelming to take on all of the responsibilities of running a spa yourself, it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can do. Whether you’re considering opening a home studio or have already started your solo esthetician journey, these tips can help optimize your business and keep happy clients returning!

Seek Inspiration
Have you ever received an amazing service where all of your expectations were met? Maybe you visited a spa and thought, “what a great feature to offer.” Take note of things you enjoy and appreciate when visiting other spas, and find a unique way to incorporate them into your studio! This isn’t to say to mimic your business after another, but if you are enjoying certain aspects during your visit, it’s likely your clients will as well.

Take note of things you enjoy and appreciate when visiting other spas, and find a unique way to incorporate them into your studio!”.

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On that same note, observing practices or features that you do NOT enjoy can be just as beneficial when deciding how you want your studio to operate. The goal is to create a fantastic experience for your clients and seeking inspiration from other businesses will help you decide what you do and do not want in your home studio. This doubles as a reason to treat yourself to
professional services more often.

Be Festive

Holidays and seasonal changes are perfect times to spice up your studio. Adding small seasonal touches to the bathroom, treatment room, and even to what you’re wearing can express the pride you take in your business.

There are so many opportunities to get creative throughout the year. Something as simple as swapping your bathroom hand soaps and lotions to a seasonal scent can make your studio feel more welcoming. Changing the colors of your linens to reflect an upcoming holiday, or introducing a wittily named add-on service can associate your business with the pleasant feelings people feel around the holidays.

Offer Options (but not too many)

Giving your clients ways to customize the short time they spend with you can help them feel like they are getting the most out of the experience. Letting them choose their own music is a great place to start. Consider creating a few relaxing playlists for your clients to choose from at the beginning of their service. If you offer hand massages, let them decide which scent of lotion they prefer!

Permitting your client to choose the conversation level is an option often overlooked. Sometimes people want to chat and learn, while others may want to relax in silence. Both of these are okay! Letting them decide how much talking they prefer (if any) before the service ensures that your clients know what to expect from the appointment and that you are on board.

Let your client pick these customizations at check-in. Try to avoid offering too many options for customization, as it could overwhelm your client. Music, conversation level, and scent preference are 3 great choices to offer while still enabling your client to make their decisions in a timely matter.

Leverage Simplicity

Your client should never be confused when in your studio. Try to create smooth transitions from the second your client walks until the moment they check out. Ways to encourage this include providing an intake form even if they are a returning client. This allows them to update you with changes in their routine or new concerns they want to focus on. You can also include those customization options that were mentioned earlier!

An important part of the check-out process is giving your client the chance to rebook with you. This should be quick and simple for your client to accomplish. Eliminate any unnecessary thinking and planning for your client. Take a glance at your schedule before they arrive so you can have a few dates ready to offer them for their next service.

If you offer retail in your studio, think about your recommendations towards the end of the service so you can present them to your client in a concise manner! Labeling your retail area by skin type or concern has been shown to increase client interest. This reduces any overwhelm that might arise from looking at too many products at once.

Generosity is Memorable

Something as simple as giving your client a chapstick or travel hand lotion after service is an easy way to make an impact. These are things that your client will likely use daily that will remind them of their last treatment with you.

Similarly, if your client is unsure about a product purchase, send them home with a sample! It gives them a chance to fall in love with the product without the pressure of making the purchase decision right after their service. Most companies allow you to buy sample sizes with your orders. It’s a small price to pay for something that will lead to more full-size product sales.

After each service, make a few notes about significant things your client discussed with you. This could be about a new product they tried, or something more personal like a vacation they were excited about. It can be difficult to remember everything you hear when seeing multiple clients every day, so jotting down a brief note after every visit gives you something to refer to before the next appointment. These simple things make your client feel special, and that makes the experience you provide stand out from the others. This will strengthen their trust in you, and encourage more bookings!