The Big Rush for Lip Blush

A Kiss of Color


What is all this buzz about Lip Blush? What is it? How does it differ from the previous methods used to apply permanent lip color?

Lip Blush is strikingly different! This soft and beautiful effect involves a technique that creates a blush of color across the lips, without a defined lip line.

Many women have decided against permanent lip color due to what they describe as being too harsh and unnatural for them. Essentially, they were referring to the line that established the outer perimeter that was darker and in contrast to the lighter interior color of the lips. This contrast was clearly not for every woman.

Lip Blush has truly closed the gap for women choosing permanent lip color. There is now something for every woman’s style.

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Lip Blush has truly closed the gap for women choosing permanent lip color. There is now something for every woman’s style.

How is Lip Blush Applied as Opposed to Permanent Lip Color?

There are several things that differ in the application of Lip Blush. First, the speed of the machine is set very low, unlike most permanent makeup procedures.

Second, the needle selection, although differing from practitioner to practitioner, are generally not the same needles selected for a full lip tattoo procedure where you are looking for saturation. Everything is soft in this application.

The typical needle selection is a 1RL and a 3RL. The 1RL translates to a single needle, the R is for round, and the L is for liner, which explains the fineness and exacting of this needle, where, with a very light touch, you can create your boundaries without creating a hard lip line. The 3RL is mostly used for the lip interior to create the blush effect. The 3RL tells us it is three needles, in a round configuration and, again, the L denotes this to be a liner.

Third, the technique itself is very different from the typical lip tattoo that deposits a stronger lip line and greater color saturation for the lip interior.

The technique used for Lip Blush is referred to as a pendulum motion, where your needle group moves back and forth like a pendulum, with tremendous control, barely touching the skin, leaving in its wake slight pixels of color. These pixels are layered until you no longer see them. You just see a blush of even color.

This technique requires tremendous patience and skill on the part of the practitioner. The movement should be robotic, making sure the needles do not travel deeper in any one area since it will appear darker and be very difficult to blend in. Considering a specialized class for this advanced procedure is highly recommended.

A huge benefit of Lip Blushing is the comfort level. This pendulum technique is sometimes applied without topical anesthetics, although this should be left up to the client and their level of sensitivity.

Who Is a Candidate and Who Is Not?

Fuller lips, although subliminal, are undoubtedly a sign of youth. They don’t have to be obvious to be effective.

Fuller lips are great for a Lip Blush procedure and truly show off the beauty of this technique. However, a thinner lip can also look quite beautiful with a blush of color.

Can women, young or mature, with very thin lips and perioral vertical lines (smoker’s lines) around their lips have Lip Blush? These lines can develop and become quite deep, just from how one moves their lips to form their words. This trait may simply be genetic, having nothing to at all to do with smoking, and yes, they can have Lip Blush, especially since lipsticks tend to annoyingly run up into those lines.

However, it must be understood that Lip Blush will not diminish these lines, nor will it create the additional fullness one may be expecting from this procedure. However, a licensed professional can fill in these perioral lines, either with the smallest drops of a filler or other recommended treatments. Some professionals may recommend Botox to prevent your client from the movement that is forming these lines. They can easily be resolved and become far less visible, or even invisible. Diminishing these vertical lines is a confidence builder and creates a youthful softness to a woman’s entire face.

A consultation is recommended to be sure your client is a candidate and to prepare them properly. Quite often, clients will disregard a fever blister they had as a child and say “no” to ever having one. Lip Blush will certainly wake up this sleeping virus and bring your client great discomfort and a loss of color. A consultation allows the time, if necessary, for your client to see their doctor for an anti-viral medication, making this a pleasant experience as opposed to an unsightly and painful episode of an outbreak.

You may notice that a mature women’s lips tend to pale, and their natural lip color has moved inward, leaving their initial lip shape empty and void of color. Lip Blush restores the fullness they once had by placing color back in their initial lip shape. It is quite beautiful to see color fill this void. It truly lights up a person’s face.

Lip Blush can also correct uneven lips. Balancing the lip shape with soft color can create the symmetry your client has been trying to achieve. This does wonders for their self-esteem, since they not only wake with even lips, but know this symmetry will be there after each meal.

Of course, maintenance is necessary. You may prepare your client to return every year to 18 months for a color refresher.

In the event you are seeking a Lip Blush procedure, you may opt for a practitioner that is Board Certified and has taken classes in this specialty. Also, be sure to ask for before and after photos of their clients who had Lip Blush and are healed.