Summertime Lash Care

How to lash and care for lashes in the warmer months


In the summertime, your clients are swimming, sweating, applying sunscreen, and spending more time outdoors. It’s the most fun time of year, but it can also be the worst time of year for lash extension retention! We’re breaking down the key factors that impact how long your clients’ lashes last and how you can adjust your process to account for these seasonal effects.


How does summer weather affect lashing?

Recall that cyanoacrylate is the base ingredient in lash adhesives. Cyanoacrylate is finicky and strongly impacted by changes in temperature and humidity levels. As temperature and humidity increase, adhesives will work faster. In the summer, if left unregulated, high humidity often means that adhesives set before the extension or fan can be placed on the natural lash. If this happens, it will appear that lashes are adhering perfectly, but when you brush them, a large number come right off. Brush frequently to check for this.

After a long day at the beach or out in the sun, oils, makeup, and sweat have worked their way into the lash line.

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 How can I optimize my lash studio during the summer?

If humidity levels in your studio rise during the summer, there are a few actions you can take. First, reduce moisture in the air by adding a dehumidifier or cranking the air conditioning. If this isn’t enough, consider switching to a slower adhesive, or one specifically formulated for use in your higher humidity level. Keep an eye on your glue dot as well – you’ll likely want to replace it more frequently (approximately every 10-15 minutes) as the increased moisture will cause it to grow tacky more quickly.

What should clients do in the summer to help their retention?

The burden of ensuring superior retention isn’t just on lash artists — but the burden of giving clients the information and tools they need to do their part is. This is even more important in the summer. After a long day at the beach or out in the sun, oils, makeup, and sweat have worked their way into the lash line. If left untouched, these residues can break down the bond of the adhesive and lead to poor retention.

To start, make sure your clients are aware that lashes should be cleaned daily! The best way to improve lash retention during summertime — and all year round — is by using a specialized lash shampoo daily. In addition to washing at night, they’ll want to wash any time they complete a heavy workout or go for a swim in a pool or ocean to remove salt and other chemicals that can affect the adhesive’s bond. They should brush with a spoolie twice a day (once in the morning, once at night) to detangle and remove extensions that have shed.

Telling clients — especially long-standing ones — that they need to “clean more” can be a delicate topic. Use the change in seasons to ease into the conversation (e.g., “did you know that great retention in the summer requires a bit more attention at home?”) and then ask them about their usual end-of-day routine:

  • When do they typically wash their lashes?
  • What types of products do they use around the eye? (Oil can break down adhesive bonds over time.)
  • How do they wash their lashes?

Encouraging your client to walk you through their cleansing process can be eye-opening. If they aren’t cleaning regularly, it’ll become apparent as they try to describe their process. If they do wash regularly, you’ll be able to offer suggestions to make their process even more effective.

With some minor adjustments to the lashing process and aftercare, your clients can enjoy their lashes all summer long!