Spring-Inspired Treatments

How spas are using seasonal marketing strategies

Spring is a rejuvenating time for the world of skincare. With the dry, flaky, and dull effects of Winter, customers are looking for treatments to help hydrate and replenish their skin to a healthy, dewy glow. Spa’s and estheticians are finding ways to spruce up their menus and entice new clients with “Spring cleaning” facials. This is an excellent way for spas to keep their employees motivated with new skincare protocols and to educate their clients on why seasonal skincare is essential.

Changing seasons can be a unique marketing opportunity for you to design and promote season-specific skincare and body treatments. See what facials and body treatments are blooming at these spas and how seasonal treatments help their businesses grow!

Mangosteen Bliss Facial

Seasonal treatments are alive and well at the Decadence Organic Beauty Boutique in Quartz Hill, California, which creates new treatments every season and revamps them every year. “We love the changing seasons, and so do our clients! Spring is a time of renewal and a chance to educate our clients on the importance of revamping their home skincare routine as well as trying a new facial or body treatment at our boutique,” says Spa Owner Charmaine Kiefer. With Spring in full swing, the spa will be adding a Mangosteen Bliss Facial to its menu.

We think of Spring as a time to refresh and renew.


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