Spring-Inspired Treatments

How spas are using seasonal marketing strategies

Spring is a rejuvenating time for the world of skincare. With the dry, flaky, and dull effects of Winter, customers are looking for treatments to help hydrate and replenish their skin to a healthy, dewy glow. Spa’s and estheticians are finding ways to spruce up their menus and entice new clients with “Spring cleaning” facials. This is an excellent way for spas to keep their employees motivated with new skincare protocols and to educate their clients on why seasonal skincare is essential.

Changing seasons can be a unique marketing opportunity for you to design and promote season-specific skincare and body treatments. See what facials and body treatments are blooming at these spas and how seasonal treatments help their businesses grow!

Mangosteen Bliss Facial

Seasonal treatments are alive and well at the Decadence Organic Beauty Boutique in Quartz Hill, California, which creates new treatments every season and revamps them every year. “We love the changing seasons, and so do our clients! Spring is a time of renewal and a chance to educate our clients on the importance of revamping their home skincare routine as well as trying a new facial or body treatment at our boutique,” says Spa Owner Charmaine Kiefer. With Spring in full swing, the spa will be adding a Mangosteen Bliss Facial to its menu.

We think of Spring as a time to refresh and renew.

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“I definitely feel that seasonal treatments benefit our business as our clients really look forward to seeing what’s “new” at Decadence. It creates a sense of urgency to try these new treatments as they know that the treatment will only be around for a short while.”

The Mangosteen Bliss Facial begins with a thorough skin analysis of the client’s skin. It continues with a cleanse, steam, extractions, a lactic acid peel, and a face mask. Clients can also enjoy a relaxing hand, arm, neck shoulder, and face massage. “The client will experience a slight tingling sensation from the lactic peel, a deep sense of relaxation from the facial experience, and their skin in return will be smooth, hydrated, rejuvenated, and plumped,” says Kiefer. In addition to this Springtime treatment, Decadence will also be educating its clients on the benefits of sugaring hair removal and helping them achieve baby-smooth skin just in time for Summer.

The Ultimate Hydration Facial

Milk + Honey Spa and Salon in Austin, Texas, likes to focus on promoting their peels and HydraFacial services in the Spring. “We think of Spring as a time to refresh and renew,” says Spa Marketing Coordinator Adri Bosque. “We always evaluate the success of previous promotions to ensure we keep guests excited, and we repeat promotions that are successful for us.”

The spa offers a variety of luxurious treatments, ranging from massage, facials, waxing, lashes, and salon services. The Ultimate HydraFacial is what draws visitors in to help smooth rough, textured skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and bring skin back to its natural, youthful state. The facial involves cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, and the guest’s choice of a Lightening or DermaBuilder treatment. The experience also includes LED light therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin, as well as to fight off acneproducing bacteria.

In addition to the services provided, the spa will also be hosting a HydraFacial event this Spring. This oneday- only event includes a 20-minute express HydraFacial with the purchase of $75 in skincare retail. This is a great marketing tactic to boost retail sales and invite customers to experience a service that they will want to come back for in the future.

The Skin Restoration Retreat

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Boston, Massachusetts, is truly embracing the essence of the season with the Skin Restoration Retreat, an ideal treatment for repairing and restoring polluted, tired, and stressed skin. The journey begins with the spa’s Instant Skin Lab to accurately measure the skin’s level of hydration, pigmentation, sebum production, and elasticity so that the therapist can customize a treatment for the guest’s specific skincare needs.

Once the skin is evaluated, the Restorative Facial is performed “using an innovative oxygenating complex to detoxify and stimulate the epidermis. Skin tissue is re-oxygenated, hydrated, and restored,” says Assistant Director of Spa and Wellness, Shan Toth. Through an effective cleansing massage and manual lifting techniques, the face is instantly sculpted and lifted to a more youthful and radiant appearance.

In addition to this facial treatment, the spa is also launching two new body treatments to help their guests get their bodies in shape for Summer. The focus of these treatments is to detoxify and contour the body while improving the appearance of cellulite and reducing water retention. Assistant Director Toth believes that seasonal services are helpful for spas with high repeat guest percentages to keep them intrigued. He also believes that they “allow the spa to develop their relationship with their partners, as they can get creative and design something together that is trending in the market. It allows the spa to try out new treatment ideas that may work well for their permanent treatment menu.”

Fresh Squeezed Facial

For a refreshing facial experience that sheds dull winter skin and reveals a healthy glow, locals are flocking to Beauty & Twine, located in San Antonio, Texas. When asked how seasonal treatments benefit her business, Spa Owner Ivelisse Silva says, “Seasonal skincare treatments are a great way for me to engage with my current and new clients. It allows for an opportunity to talk about skin health and concerns in a new way. The change in the seasons provides me an opening to discuss new products and thereby guide my clients toward experiencing a new facial treatment.” This season the spa will be featuring the new Fresh Squeezed Facial.

The treatment begins with a few drops of blended oil essences with citrus notes that are subtle and soothing. Silva continues the facial by gently cleansing the face to remove surface dirt and impurities. She then uses a product that contains salicylic and lactic acid to unclog pores and buff away skin cells. The main feature of this facial is the double exfoliation process to stimulate healthy cell renewal. After performing extractions, she spritzes the face with a hydrating mist that awakens the senses with a pleasant aroma. “This facial treatment gives the skin a brighter supple appearance, giving my clients visible smoother and softer skin,” she says.

The facial also includes a peach and honey mask, a 15-minute therapeutic massage, a cocktail of serums, a long-lasting hydration moisturizer, and SPF 30. “After the session, I explain and show them what they can do to maintain a healthy complexion. I’ll also discuss products that I believe will help them to achieve the results that they want by including new products for their at-home skincare regimen,” says Silva.