Spa Treatment for Men

Increase Revenue This Summer

Remember when spa services were targeted mostly towards women? Spas used to be mainly a female experience from all points of view. Fast-forward to now and spas have become more and more gender neutral. The times of viewing the spa industry as attracting primarily female clients are over. Men have slowly but surely joined the spa movement and they are changing the way spas work and develop in today’s day and age.

Today, spas of all types are designed with the male clientele in mind. Fresh and neutral scents are used for several treatments on the menu; longer and larger size bathrobes are set up inside lockers; longer massage tables are now considered for treatments rooms, masculine magazines and newspapers are displayed in relaxation areas; and you may even see a flat screen TV in the men’s locker room.

ce is suited for before or after travel to help quickly eliminate jet lag, overcome travel-related stress, boost the immune system, and ensure a great night’s sleep.


We can recognize that spa treatments have always benefited the male population; but especially in these past couple years with the increased stress of everyday day life, men are finding their way to the spa in record numbers. Men are realizing that spas are not simply a ‘pampering’ refuge or a girly thing. They realize that looking and feeling good it is as important as dressing well for their careers.

Fast-forward to now and spas have become more and more gender neutral.

In this situation, going to a spa is about finding a way to keep up with the race. But, it isn’t only career men in the majority who are visiting spas these days; athletes and retired males are also joining spa facilities. In general, men have realized that spa treatments not only serve as a stress management tool, but also have positive benefits on their skin and sporting aches. Men also enjoy the younger look and the feeling after a facial; but most importantly, they enjoy performing better during that golf game with friends or co-workers.


We can see more therapeutic services that are increasingly being offered in spa menus and are designed to alleviate stress, improve muscle aches, increase circulation as well as develop better flexibility in support of sports training.

While many men are enjoying the benefits of spas alone or with their loved ones, some men still feel intimidated about it. Are you asking your female clients why they are not giving their husband or special someone a little push and spoiling them with a treatment or spa relaxation break at your spa?


1 Train your staff accordingly

You want men to feel conformable from the moment they call or walk through the door. It is important to pay attention to his signs and to know if this would be his first visit to a spa. Make him feel comfortable by asking short questions and help him decide which services he needs.

2 His first visit

We all need to reach our monthly goal, but it’s better to have him back in two weeks than never again. If it is the first visit and all he wants is just a quick fix, do not try to sell him the four hour pampering package. He will walk away. Offer short and effective services.

3 The Menu

Make it short, simple and clear. Men will lose their attention when they see two pages of offerings with intricate names and words. Call it as it is. Describe the benefits targeted towards healing, wellness or stress management.

4 Service Options

Depending on the type of spa, generally 30 and 60 minutes spa services are the most popular for gentlemen. Few men make it through a four-hour spa package. However, you can create just one to have it as an option for those in need.

5 Locker Room Experience

Bring your guy friend to your spa to have a walk through and role play. Pay attention at what, where and how he interacts with each amenity. Set up the space in a way that is convenient for them: locations of razors, hair gel or mouse, shaving cream, combs, etc.

6 Robes and Sandals

As a sign of respect and sensitivity, try to always have pre-assigned lockers with corresponding sizes. Train your staff to estimate proper size for spa guests as they are being greeted before providing a locker key. This way, the guest doesn’t need to go through the embarrassment of coming out of the locker room area barefooted and half covered by a robe that’s too small.

7 Relaxation

Ensure that you have male-oriented reading material visibly displayed: newspapers, car/boats/business magazines or even a few short books of interest.

8 Massages

Communicate to therapists about special needs or if the male guest is visiting for the first time.


Use products that are neutral or fresh in fragrance. Adding a firm neck massage usually puts men at ease. Use very gentle extraction techniques. Estheticians should also be aware if a male guest is a first timer. Be cautious with homecare recommendations, and do not overwhelm your male clients.

10 Clear Communication

Assist with clear and to-the-point billing explanations. Anticipate needs so he doesn’t need to think too much (i.e. validate valet parking and making his next appointment). Have the recommended products out and try not to overwhelm him with more than two products.

Men are finally realizing that manicures and pedicures go beyond just pampering and actually provide relief from painful hangnails, rough calluses and irritated dry skin, as well as relief from the constant complaints from their loved ones. If this isn’t reason enough for your man to take the dive, here is a short list of simple reasons to convince them:

• Besides the obvious benefits of looking good, manicures and pedicures, massages and facials for gentlemen come with a relaxing component of spending some me-time that will make him feel really good, de-stressed and energized.

• Regular manicures and pedicures help to keep hands and feet looking clean and presentable, which is much more attractive than the rough and rugged look. Similar results are also obtained from having regular facials.

• Taking an hour or so off to help forget about the stresses of work or family related situations is not only relaxing, but it’s also healthy!