Soothing Sounds

Exploring sound therapy

Lynn Gallagher


One of Pier’s specialties is Facial Acupuncture, a full-body treatment with a focus on the face to promote beauty and balance.  Facial acupuncture uses needles to lift facial muscles and reduce sagging, build collagen as natural filler for wrinkles, improve circulation and provide overall homeostasis in the body. Balancing one’s emotions leads to happier, more radiant facial expressions.  In some of her treatments, Pier layers on luxurious skincare infused with the 2,500-year-old practice of Chinese herbs to help hydrate, plump, and brighten one’s complexion. 


“Sound therapy involves the use of sound vibrations, set to certain frequencies, to benefit the mind, body and soul, with the goal of restoring inner balance and health. It is especially effective at balancing the nervous system, helping to reduce chronic stress levels, reduce anxiety, as well as regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythm. It is believed to help the body by increasing bone density and muscle mass, improving circulation, reducing joint pain and inflammation, boosting metabolism, and helping with digestion, among other things. 

The power of sound is remarkable! I fell in love with sound therapy because of the multitude of ways it helped me in my daily life. The immeasurable value it has in our wellness practice is profound, as it is working its magic for both us as practitioners and the clients we are treating.

I incorporate traditional modalities such as acupuncture, traditional Chinese massage, moxibustion, gua sha and cupping into treatments, as well as complementary healing techniques such as electrical stimulation, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, lymphatic drainage, magnetic therapy, and sound therapy which allow me to treat with or without needles. My goal is to help clients achieve a more balanced state in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of their lives. 

Sound therapy used on the face is especially soothing because the sound resonates in the skull amplifying the effect of the vibration. Sound therapy is especially helpful for points around and on the eye where skin is so sensitive and thin; it’s not conducive to using needles. I have noticed the effects of sound therapy in facial acupuncture immediately after a treatment: loose skin under eyes becomes tighter, the face has less inflammation, the cheeks look lifted, and eyes sparkle because the spirit is calm and clear.” 


Arianna Bickle 

Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher 



Sound healing through a sound bath which is a laying down, deep rest promoting experience and sound meditation, which is a seated, more physically aware, listening experience.


“Shortly after experiencing sound healing for the first time, I knew right away I needed to learn more and eventually share this profoundly gentle yet effective practice with others. On its deepest level, sound healing is changing the makeup of our internal landscape. As humans, our bodies are made up of 60 percent water – if you ever watch the cymatics of sound healing on water or salt that is still on a surface – as soon as varying tones and frequencies come in contact, movement occurs. This same movement happens in our bodies during a sound healing session. Small shifts and changes occur which some experience as “blocked energy shifts” or just a simple “refresh.” 

In my approach as a teacher of sound healing, I also feel it’s important to call out our most basic human experience during a sound session and that is the active practice of listening. Naturally as the space is filled with various highly resonant instruments and crystal bowls, we’re lulled into a deep rest — but it also activates a different side of listening. This listening is the conversation we have with our own bodies. As we slow down and start to tune inward, what stored information or emotions come up that we can gently and tenderly explore. The beautiful sounds of crystal singing bowls and chimes are just the container for cultivating a deeper mind and body connection. 

When you connect the science of what’s happening to our internal landscape on top of the practice of listening more closely to one’s own body cues, you begin – through repeated practice – to create the tools you need to more fully show up for yourself in the everyday.” 


Kelley Hughes 

Ayurvedic-Based Licensed Esthetician 

Co-Owner, NoteTo Self Wellness  

Owner, Wilde Gatherings 



Aromatherapy, herbal medicine, skin health, and Ayurvedic medicine, along with Wilde Gatherings, the product line she created that is rooted in Ayurveda.  


“Sound therapy is easily approachable. It’s a “drop in” non-committal way to engage is a super healing modality. You don’t have to know too much about the backstory. Just simply understanding that it affects the nervous system, calms your energy and allows you to be more present and grounded to receive whatever you are needing at that moment. This in itself is a really great reason to experience a sound bath or utilize some form of sound healing on a regular basis.  

Music today is often geared towards the vibrational healing and subtle ways it can encourage restoration of the body, mind and spirit. Every individual feels something different from music. Maybe it is uplifting and energizing, bringing back a nostalgic memory, or supporting the restful night sleep we sometimes struggle to achieve.   

The power of sound is remarkable! I fell in love with sound therapy because of the multitude of ways it helped me in my daily life. The immeasurable value it has in our wellness practice is profound, as it is working its magic for both us as practitioners and the clients we are treating.” 


Lynn Gallagher 

Holistic Aesthetician and Multi-Modality Healing Artist 

Note to Self Wellness 



As a complimentary practice to her holistic and therapeutic approach to skincare as a high-touch facialist, sound healing accesses deeper healing through cellular massage. The accompaniment of tuning forks both applied on the body on specific points (meridians) and for the vibration of sound to soothe the nervous system is in every one of her signature bespoke “Innergy” Skin Treatments.  


“I am in reverence to our ancient, ancestral wisdom through sound and other practices and believe in their powers to enhance the human condition for all living beings. Vibration and energy are everything and sound is deeply rooted within the human experience since the beginning of time. We, as human beings, are a part of the natural world and are inextricably linked to the connection with all other beings and communicate through vibration, affecting all of our physiology and energetic states.  

As I have received from other sound healers, learned from my teachers, and practice with myself and clients, accessing the harmonic frequencies through tuning forks and other sound tools, around or on the body, restores the order and balance we are naturally oriented towards. I understand sound healing to be one of the most potent forms of healing.” 

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