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While a strong reputation and word of mouth are invaluable in the world of esthetics, achieving it is the hard part. This is especially true if you don’t have a platform to showcase your talent and skills. Fortunately, we have social media to thank to help get clients through the door. Many spa-goers and beauty lovers, look to social media for local recommendations. It’s the best way to attract new customers and reinforce the client experience to get your clients to revisit.

Nonetheless, building a strong social media presence takes work. It requires motivation and consistency, the ability to vary your content and stay active while setting yourself apart from the competition. Now, adding social media extraordinaire to your line of work may seem like a lot. This is why developing an organizational strategy is integral to your online success. Learn what social media scheduling can do, and you’ll consider it your best new tool!


With 101 tasks on your list of to-dos, keeping up with your social media networks may be the last thing on your mind. It’s easy to get wrapped up in responsibilities when you’re running a spa business and maintaining your personal life. Unfortunately, the technological world doesn’t stop for you. Before you know it, your social media feed is complete radio silence and your clients are wondering “Where did she go?”, while potential clients never even knew you existed. Social media scheduling helps you avoid just that. You can schedule your posts on a calendar to be posted at a particular date or time on your specified social media account.

Plan and gather your content ahead of time so that you can focus less on your phone and more on your clients in the treatment room.


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Samantha Garcia

Samantha Garcia is the Editor for LNE & Spa Magazine. She has a passion for writing, social media and content marketing. She believes that high-quality, consistent and engaging content helps brands establish themselves as leaders in their industry.