Show Up Like a Boss

How to achieve the successful business you dreamed of

Do you know what it means to show up like a boss? Starting out as a lash artist takes time, practice, and concentration. It can be very stressful for a new artist who is just learning to work quickly and efficiently with millimeters. When you add the details that it takes to start running your own business while giving the ultimate customer experience, luxury service, and offering exceptional work, it can be extremely overwhelming.

When I first started, I struggled in running my business. I didn’t have a menu that made sense, didn’t have policies in place, didn’t have confidence in my work, lost out on so much money, gave discounts to everyone because I thought that’s how you gained clients and left work every day feeling defeated, unhappy and broke! I wasn’t continuing my education, and I had no idea how to run a business.

I decided that I was going to turn this around. How did I do that? I realized that I had to give a stellar customer experience, mainly because I wasn’t that talented yet. I made a checklist of all the details that would make me stand out above the rest. I needed to give a quality luxury service to keep my clients coming back while I worked hard trying to become a better artist.

What does it mean to be a boss?

In February of 2020, I took everything I’d learned over the past eight years and created the “Show Up Like a Boss!” program. Being a boss means much more than showing up to work and having one face-to-face interaction with a client. It starts before you meet the client, when you meet the client and after you meet the client. Its understanding that without clients, we don’t have a business. It’s being confident in creating and enforcing policies and not being afraid of being bullied.

Sit down and take a look at your business. Are you providing the best service that you can to ensure client retention?


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Melissa Rudolphi

Melissa Rudolphi is the owner of At Lash Pro, the Co-Owner of Lash Studio, and the founder of Show Up Like a Boss! She started her lash career in 2012 and currently holds 11 certifications, but found her passion with teaching lash artists how to run a successful business with exceptional customer service, making their ideal income, while creating and enforcing policies. For more information visit or follow her on Instagram at @melissa_atlash.