Say Hello to Ombre Brows

The softer, long-lasting brow gaining popularity


It has taken a while longer for Ombre Brows to gain popularity, as opposed to Microblading, even though Ombre Brows, also known as Powdered Brows, are effective on every skin type, as opposed to Microblading, which is quite selective in choosing its candidates.

What is the Difference between Microblading and Ombre Brows?

For example, thick, oily skin cannot accommodate a Microblade. This very sharp, hand-held tool is dipped into color, then guided through the skin, creating small cuts to create the hair strokes.  Attempting hair strokes on this skin type will tend to release fluids, oils and blood and heal blurred and often discolored, creating an unsatisfactory result.

Ombre Brows work well on every skin type and heal beautifully and softly into the skin.

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Ombre Brows are created using a machine and can be applied to this challenging skin type, as well as every skin type, and heal beautifully and softly into the skin.

Although Microblading gained tremendous popularity very quickly, the reality was many women didn’t fully understand what it was or its effect. In fact, after having Microblading, women would often complain about the spaces between the simulated hair strokes. This effect can appear stark or too dramatic for some. Practitioners would find themselves having to apply a POWDER effect between these hair strokes to satisfy their clients.

Choosing the Softer Brows

Many women prefer this method, since it has a soft, powdery, finish that is less dramatic and more natural in appearance. Overall, women found this effect made them look and feel more comfortable and more like themselves.

How is the Ombre Brow Applied?

The Ombre Brow has now developed into several styles and methods of application. Some Ombre Brows are applied with a skillful method of pointillism, referred to as pixels. These pixels are controlled by applying density toward the bottom of the brows (pixels closer together) and scarcity toward the front of the brows (fewer pixels), much the way natural eyebrows appear. Others are applied using a pendulum effect, where the needles merely graze the skin in a back-and-forth motion, again, creating density toward the bottom of the brows and scarcity in the front of the brows, mimicking natural eyebrows.

A more dramatic look can be achieved by making the bottom of the brow more intense or the front of the brow stronger, in both methods of application.

Who Would Benefit from Ombre Brows?

Anyone who is using an eyebrow pencil or brow product, whether it is to create an entire set of eyebrows or fill in thinning areas of their brows. The Ombre effect is perfect for these, and everything in between.

How Long Will Ombre Brows Last?

To answer this question with honesty, there are many factors to consider: the amount of sun exposure, skin care products being used and how active they are (percentages of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid or Retinols), and how light or dark the Ombre Brows are. Blonde brows will fade sooner than darker eyebrows, however, touch ups are quite simple to perform, as needed. Generally, the first perfection visit is six to eight weeks from the initial procedure to ensure a lasting result. Once you feel the need to use an eyebrow pencil, it is time to return for a touch up visit.

How to Care for Ombre Brows

Part of caring for freshly done Ombre Brows has to do with avoidance of the following, until healed:

  • Heavy perspiring
  • Gyms
  • Swimming pools or the ocean
  • Jacuzzis
  • Hot steamy showers
  • Sun exposure (protect your brows with a brimmed hat)
  • Sunscreen while healing (but use daily, once healed)
  • Facials
  • Steam
  • Makeup around brows
  • Washing extensively or rubbing brows with a washcloth (use fingertips to gently wash and lightly pat dry)
  • Moisturizers or toners with active ingredients
  • Touching your brows or removing the flaking during the healing process

 For seven to ten days after the treatment, apply Aquaphor (or your practitioner’s preferred product) after cleansing. 

How to Select the Right Practitioner for Ombre Brows

Scheduling a consultation is always a good idea. Experiencing the studio, its cleanliness, the practitioner’s professional appearance, and seeing exactly where this procedure will take place can reduce any anxiety you may have. Viewing photos of the practitioner’s HEALED Ombre Brows is a must. This procedure may appear beautiful when first executed, but seeing the retention is critical. Asking the practitioner if they have a certificate, showing they trained in this specialty, is also a good idea.

What is the Average Cost of Ombre Eyebrows?  

Fees charged for this specialized effect will vary, due to demographics and the experience of the practitioner. It may range from $500 to $1,000, so posting the fees is very important. A client may see Permanent Eyebrows on a web site for a fee with no mention of Ombre Brows and be shocked when they are charged a different amount when checking out. No practitioner needs an angry client that feels as though they have been taken advantage of or misinformed.

Pro tip: be sure to ask if the perfection visit, which takes place anywhere from six to ten weeks after the initial treatment, is included in the fee or if it’s extra. If extra, how much?

Training in Ombre Brows

To learn Ombre Brows, research the available training classes. Be sure to visit or see the location via video and ask to see several healed procedures. Inquire about their methods of teaching. Will you be working on live models? Do they provide them or are you required to bring your own? Also, do not hesitate to ask for references from their graduates. Visit the references’ social media platforms to see their work. You want to be certain you will receive exactly what you need in this training so you can confidently perform Ombre Brows!