Savvy Selling in the Spa

How to combat rising prices and inflation
and make more money for your spa


In today’s climate we have never been more conscious of a global market as consumers (just look at gas prices), and how that impacts not only corporations but the small businesses we have come to know and love. Looking at today’s macroeconomics we can assume that prices will continue to increase as the Virus is still not 100 percent cured, however we may believe. We are also facing a war currently happening between Russia and Ukraine, which also affects Global economics.

What does this mean for me you ask, the small business owner/single practitioner? Well, if we look at the study of microeconomics, we know that behaviors will start to change, if they haven’t already, in our current microeconomics, including sellers, buyers, and business owners. The word “scarcity” comes to mind when thinking of consumers.  We have all experienced it since 2020; people were literally scared, which has impacted our industry.

With the current financial climate we are facing in our industry, we need to make smart decisions as business owners to help combat rising prices and inflation.


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Chrissy Dress

Chrissy Dress is a Philly native and has owned CURE de Repos for 6 years. She has worked in the beauty industry for over ten years from managing beauty boutiques to lead cosmetic sales. Dress has also worked as a Makeup Artist for MTV, The History Channel, E entertain- ment, as well as several film and TV projects. Chrissy continues to attend many trainings for skin care techniques and product knowledge and has recently trained in Del Rey FL, Paris, NYC, and regionally.