Product Choices

Choosing the Right Professional Skincare Line for Your Spa


The products that you offer say a lot about you and your salon, giving off a first impres- sion of what you stand for. With the number of lines out there (that seems to increase every day), you may be wondering how you can choose a professional skincare line for your spa.

The key to finding your preferred skin- care line is to find one that is good for you and your clients. You want products they love that you can afford to keep in stock without putting a dent in your revenue. How can you do that exactly? We’re here with the scoop plus some tips to sell out at tradeshows.

Going back to your goals as a spa owner can help you narrow down your options and push you toward a line that speaks for you.

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Chances are, you are not the only spa in town. When clients come to you, they are either repeat clients or look- ing for a service no other spa has. The things that separate you from the rest help make up your identity as a spa and should go into every decision you make.

Before choosing a professional sk- incare line, it’s a good idea to revisit your business motto. You know what you want to bring to clients, whether it’s exclusivity, natural alternative treat- ments, or even creative twists on tra- ditional services.

Going back to your goals as a spa owner can help you narrow down your options and push you toward a line that speaks for you.



Refining your “why” is a great way to get on the right track but, where do you go from there? When it’s time to start digging through professional sk- incare lines and finding the one that’s right for you, here are some things to keep a lookout for.


The internet has given light to a whole new client. It’s no longer you that’s do- ing the research, but so are they, some of them knowing more about ingre- dients than you do. While you don’t need to be an expert, you should at least be aware of ingredients and what they’re good for.

Choose ingredients that align with your business motto, making sure that the professional line you pick is right up your alley.


Breakthroughs in science have helped create unbelievable lines, some that produce amazing results. These new and improved products offer increased

biocompatibility, absorbed better by the body, and offering a better alterna- tive to harsh chemicals. You want each client to try your products and fall in love, running in to buy them as soon as they run out.


You may have clients that love to stick to their favorites but, many clients love to dabble. The more choices they have, the better, able to tailor their routine to their liking. Look for professional skincare lines with variety, always back at the drawing board to develop the next best thing.


This one should go without saying but, we’re doing it anyway. Choose products that deliver, known to improve skin with continued use.


While it’s not the most important, pack- aging can make a big difference. You want styles that match your motto and catch the eye of your clients.


Part of your success as a spa is owed to your estheticians. They often inter- act closely with clients and are behind your client’s experience. Before choos- ing a professional skincare line, have a little get-together with your staff and brainstorm what’s best.

Listen to them, learn from them, and choose a skincare line that gets everyone excited. More excitement means there will be more of a push to sell, allowing you to successfully incor- porate a skincare line into your spa.