Multifunctional Skincare

The benefits and advantages of this skin care trend

In the past, a well-thought-out skin routine might have had 12 or more steps. From the cleansing, the toning, the moisturizing, and beyond, each step was part of a ritual with its own product. Not only did that cost a fortune but, created clutter and waste from all the bottles and products.

Realizing the issue, many top skincare lines went to work, creating multifunctional products that can help skinimalists go from tons of products to just a few. If your clients are looking for ways to change up their routine, discuss multifunctional products and methods to help them reduce the bulk and keep the same fresh, youthful skin.

What is multifunctional skin care?

When we think of the trifecta of skincare, there are always three go-to products: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Add in exfoliant, SPF protection, and masks, and you’ve already got six products that consumers need to buy.

While that’s the traditional way of doing things, innovators in the world of skincare are taking steps to do away with all the bulk and create one product that can do it all. While it seems too good to be true, there are companies making a splash and catching the attention of the most die-hard ritual-following skin care lovers around.

Why Consumers Love It

It doesn’t take much thinking to realize why this trend would blow up, slashing the cost into pieces and taking up little to no space. An all-in-one skincare line does everything that long and drawn-out skin routines does,  except it comes in one easy-to-carry package.

“Innovators in the world of skincare are taking steps to do away with all the bulk and create one product that can do it all.”


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Aurora Solis

Aurora Solis is a former Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist turned beauty and wellness writer. With 15 years of experience in the industry, she never grows tired of the beauty industry's ever-changing landscape. Her passion is helping other beauty professionals grow and be confident in their business ventures while putting them in touch with the latest trends and education.