Multifunctional Skincare

The benefits and advantages of this skin care trend

In the past, a well-thought-out skin routine might have had 12 or more steps. From the cleansing, the toning, the moisturizing, and beyond, each step was part of a ritual with its own product. Not only did that cost a fortune but, created clutter and waste from all the bottles and products.

Realizing the issue, many top skincare lines went to work, creating multifunctional products that can help skinimalists go from tons of products to just a few. If your clients are looking for ways to change up their routine, discuss multifunctional products and methods to help them reduce the bulk and keep the same fresh, youthful skin.

What is multifunctional skin care?

When we think of the trifecta of skincare, there are always three go-to products: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Add in exfoliant, SPF protection, and masks, and you’ve already got six products that consumers need to buy.

While that’s the traditional way of doing things, innovators in the world of skincare are taking steps to do away with all the bulk and create one product that can do it all. While it seems too good to be true, there are companies making a splash and catching the attention of the most die-hard ritual-following skin care lovers around.

Why Consumers Love It

It doesn’t take much thinking to realize why this trend would blow up, slashing the cost into pieces and taking up little to no space. An all-in-one skincare line does everything that long and drawn-out skin routines does,  except it comes in one easy-to-carry package.

“Innovators in the world of skincare are taking steps to do away with all the bulk and create one product that can do it all.”

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Pros of Multifunctional Products

Estheticians will be happy to hear that there is a lot of pressure lifted off their shoulders with multifunctional products. Not only can they recommend products but, serve clients with all skin types and tones. On top of less stress, estheticians should recommend multifunctional products to their clients because:

  • It’s an easier process for clients
  • They’re effortless and suit most skin types
  • It’s cost-effective and fits the tightest budgets
  • It saves space and time, two things that a lot of clients don’t have time for
  • It’s less complicated to keep in stock
  • Clients will rely on more on them when it comes to a more extensive facial routine


Hot Products to Look Out For

Cleanser + Serum

Serums have taken the internet by storm, with most of the hottest influencers recommending them for skincare and makeup prep. To get a deep cleanse and a flawless, smooth, and hydrated finish on your client’s skin, keep your eyes open for a cleanser/serum combo.

Moisturize + Tint + Protect

Not that this one is new or anything but, several new and improved skincare lines are catching esthetician attention. Think about providing your clients with something that will hydrate their skin, give them a bit of coverage, and even block the absorption of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Where do we sign up?!

Cheek + Lip + Eye

To give your client’s skin a small pop of color, try products that function as an all-over flush. Add a bit to the cheeks, lips, eyelids, and across the bridge of the nose for a natural flush of color all over that looks like a healthy glow.

Multifunctional Machines

To give your clients the best hydration and smoothest-looking skin, you can invest in multifunctional machines. Having one of these in your treatment room, you can deep clean, exfoliate, moisturize, and more, saving space and money.

It goes far beyond the face with these machines, allowing you to spot-treat other areas like the arms, legs, décolletage, and more. Tell your clients about the benefits and invite them to try out the perks of multifunctional machines.

The Future of Beauty Products

Today’s client doesn’t want to waste money on a long list of products for a time-consuming routine. Instead, they want all-in-one products that give their skin a beautiful glow with just a swipe and wipe so they can head out the door.

Keep these products in stock and invest in machines to transform your time in the treatment room and give clients more of what they are looking for. In turn, they’ll be coming to see you for that 12-step routine in the treatment room that leaves their skin glowing for days.