Mineral Makeup

A flawless finish for acne prone skin


Choosing clean and healthy makeup is just as important as choosing effective skincare products, especially for those who are acne prone. The average time that makeup sits on a face is 10 hours a day, therefore, it must be viewed as an extension of a daily skincare regimen. Conventional makeup, especially foundations often sold as “color stay” and “stay on all day,” are filled with chemicals and alcohol that can cause excessive dryness, clogged pores, and chronic inflammation, which can be very detrimental to overall skin health and function.   

Choosing clean, healthy makeup is just as important as choosing effective skincare products, especially for those who are acne prone.

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Conventional makeup foundations can exacerbate existing acne and cause an acne subtype called acne cosmetica. Acne cosmetica is a mild but persistent form of acne triggered by the use of cosmetics.  It is characterized by many small white or skin-colored bumps on the skin with little to no visible inflammation. The skin will look and feel rough. In addition to choosing the right makeup foundation base, it’s also very important to remind clients to sanitize brushes between use and clean them frequently.

Here are some helpful pointers for advising acne prone clients on choosing the right makeup for their skin type.

• Look for clean, vegan, ethically sourced products

• Ingredient decks should be short and transparent, with natural earth minerals like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, iron oxides, and  kaolin clay

• Recommend enhanced protection from the physical sun, the environment, and blue light (HEV) protection.

• Suggest botanicals such as raspberry, pomegranate, kiwi, and pumpkin seed extracts chosen specifically for their therapeutic benefits to encourage optimal skin health and homeostasis. This antioxidant protection leads to decreased inflammation and encourages an optimal healing environment for post-acne procedure care.

• Find lightweight, breathable, soothing, non-comedogenic bases that will enhance the results of  professional acne treatment products, recommendations, and procedures. These are specifically formulated to hydrate, heal, protect, conceal, and control excess oil production and shine throughout the day.

• Avoid Bismuth Oxychloride, a known irritant and very common ingredient in mineral makeup that can exacerbate acne.