Microneedling and Nano Infusion

Two glow-worthy treatments to add to your menu


Micro-needling (also known as CIT, Collagen Induction Therapy) has gained major popularity as a leading esthetic treatment in the beauty industry, largely in part to its effectiveness at addressing a variety of skin conditions and con- cerns, but also in its minimally inva- sive nature and holistic approach. With CIT, those seeking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles can look to their body’s own ability to generate new collagen. Estheticians seeking tools to minimize the appearance of scars and hyper- pigmentation choose CIT for the way it normalizes cell to cell communica- tion (let’s brighten up melanocytes), breaks up scarring in the reticular layer of the dermis, and does so safely, on ALL skin types!

Collagen-producing cells of the nat- ural human skin can secrete collagens which have the natural ability to heal the skin and repair itself. The production of these Fibroblast cells naturally fights against skin concerns, but as in most skin, its production is in little quantity. Oftentimes, our collagen producers go dormant in our twenties. It is on this important discovery and knowledge that the science of Nano-Infusion and Collagen Induction Therapy / Micro- Needling is built upon. These advanced modalities stimulate the production of collagen in the skin by safely and painlessly infusing active ingredients through thousands of superficial chan- nels in the skin with microscopic needle- like tips (nano-infusion) or with actual needles (CIT / micro-needling).

This special treatment feeds the skin with the essential nutrients that are required to stimulate the skin’s natural ability to heal itself.


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Kaelin Jutras

Kaelin Jutras is a Licensed Esthetician & the Founder of Herbal Skin Solutions CIT Pen device. Her brands specialize in offering the most comprehensive and on- going micro-needling training in the industry backed by science-driven product solutions and experienced support teams.