Melt-Proof Summer Brows

Get naturally beautiful brows with this powdered brow technique!


Heading into the sweaty days of summer, your clients don’t have to worry about filling in their brows before the beach or a night out dancing. Permanently beautiful eyebrows allow your clients to get up and going while looking their best. For those who are looking for a soft, natural eyebrow look that will last, powder brows are an ideal choice.Their blurred or diffused edges give the brow a powdered-in, makeup-like effect that is perfect for everyday wear.

Minimally invasive and time effective, this re-engineered powder brow technique is the perfect procedure for anyone looking to enhance their natural eyebrow shape and color. Read on to learn more about the process and why powder brows are an excellent choice for people who desire a long-lasting permanent eyebrow makeup solution.

Every person has their own unique hair color and eyebrow makeup preference, so one pigment alone will not result in a perfect match.


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Kim Zen

Kim Zen Recognized as a master trainer in her field, Kim Zen has been in the medical esthetics and beauty industry for more than twenty years. Her dedication and passion for the industry keeps her at the forefront of new and innovative techniques and procedures. She is the owner of Zen Derma Studios, located in San Diego, California, where she offers one-on-one training and classes on treatments ranging from lashes to permanent brow services. To learn more about her, her practice, and Zen Derma Studios, please visit