Marketing A Standout Spa

Strategies to set your business apart


The global spa industry is a multi-billion dollar business expected to grow to about $133 billion by 2027. You should expect such a figure when so many customers are willing to spend hard-earned money on spa treatments, memberships, and hotel spa trips.

With such a positive industry outlook, you may think, “My spa business will definitely thrive!” However, your spa isn’t the only one out there. In 2021, there were 21,510 spa locations in the United States.

You need a marketing strategy to draw in your patrons and get them to sink comfortably in your chairs for that well-deserved massage or beauty treatment.

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With so many businesses similar to yours, you’ll be hard-pressed to get customers to enter your doors. You need a marketing strategy to draw in your patrons and get them to sink comfortably in your chairs for that well-deserved massage or beauty treatment.

What strategies should you consider for your spa? How do these strategies provide opportunities to grow the business and improve your employees’ skills? Are you looking for alternative beauty treatment facilities in addition to spas? Here, we’ll explores these strategies and provides real-world examples of how spas implement their marketing campaigns.

What Marketing Strategies Can You Implement for Your Spa?

You may claim that your spa has the best, highest-quality services in your area. But, if potential customers don’t see your business, no one will know about your services.

Marketing is about connecting your business with new customers and nurturing relationships with existing patrons. Let these customers know that your spa is ready and willing to help with their beauty, skincare, or relaxation needs. The following strategies can help you grab your customers’ attention and get them to experience the spa services you’re proudly offering.

Loyalty Programs and Membership Packages

When customers find out they’re saving money or getting more value from your services, they’re likely to give you repeat business or recommend you to their friends. A 2020 survey showed that paid loyalty program members are 60 percent more likely to spend more, which drives higher purchase frequency and brand affinity. What types of loyalty programs can you implement? Program formats for spas and salons include:

  • Punch card loyalty program: This program involves handing punch cards to your customers. For every purchase or appointment, you punch or stamp their cards. After reaching the required number of punches or stamps, the customer can exchange the card for a reward.
  • Point-based loyalty program: Point-based programs offer different spa services or products that can earn points. Customers receive their reward when their points reach a set amount. 
  • Tiered points-based reward system: This points-based program implements a tiered system where each tier has an exclusive set of rewards that increase in value as the tiers grow higher. 
  • Subscription membership program: For subscription memberships, customers can receive discounted rates for the period their subscription is active.

Email or SMS Campaigns

There are more than six billion smartphone users worldwide as of 2022, and this figure is expected to reach nearly eight billion in 2027. With such a vast number of users, some of them are surely your customers waiting for new offers from your spa. Send your clientele a text message informing them of upcoming discounts, packages, or events. You can also thank them for their patronage and ask them for referrals.

Seasonal or Holiday Packages

Some spas have high customer traffic during certain months, then experience an off-peak season fewer customers. You can take advantage of these seasonal peaks to keep your customers coming. For example, you can offer discounts during off-peak seasons to encourage customers to visit your spa and take advantage of special pricing. The increase in clients can offset the lower prices.

Search Engine Optimization or Online Ad Campaigns

As of 2021, Google is the most popular website worldwide with 45.41 billion visits, followed by YouTube with 13.34 billion visits. If internet users are looking for spa-related reviews, they are likely browsing Google.

Don’t you want your spa to be on top of the internet search results when people type “spa near me” or “salon near me” in the Google search box? You can achieve this result through search engine optimization (SEO) or paid ad campaigns. To manage your online ad campaigns through Google, consider the following steps:

  • Sign up for a Google My Business account.
  • Maintain an active and updated website.
  • Maintain an active social media presence.
  • Ask your customers to give reviews.
  • Keep your profile on review sites updated.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Strategy for Your Spa?

An ideal marketing strategy should help businesses become profitable. However, this strategy also has the following benefits for your spa:

High Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an essential element for business expansion and growth. By creating a unique selling point (USP) and identifying your target audience, you can gain customers based on the popularity of your products and services.

Better Customer Engagement

Spa and wellness professionals should be well versed in industry trends to increase customer engagement. This engagement elicits the customers’ curiosity and helps build brand loyalty, encouraging the customers to revisit.

Strong Social Media Presence

Social media can help spa professionals and businesses open up and market their services to the online public. The increasing dominance of these digital marketing platforms has made it crucial for businesses to maintain a positive social media presence. Learning about social media presence management allows you to drive customer engagement through bookings, ratings, reviews, and online offers.